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  1. maybe you're lactose intolerant. maybe the only foods breaking you out are dairy? like pizza, ice cream, burgers with cheese etc.
  2. ok, ill probably just wait it out for a few for months and see how they do. anyone else got any ideas?
  3. ok after reading about it more it might also be "PIE", i'm not sure. i'm not light skinned but my dad is, idk how this works i never get the "pih" like dark or purple marks, i always get the damaged red marks. but there is a slight indent.
  4. but i meant only if i don't have to. i know deeper indented scars never go away for example but i don't think mine are deeply indented... or if they are, i can't do anything about it...i just want to know if the uneven color/redness and shininess will go away over time? or is it like indents, they are there forever? in that case i will consider tca or needling
  5. Will they go away on their own though? I don't want to do any harsh treatments if I don't have to. Its color + texture. The scars are also shiny, hairless etc
  6. thanks! i definitely think they are scars now; it sounds like "macules". it's slightly indented, not noticeable, but just enough to make the texture look "rough". the part that bothers me the most is that they are pink and shiny, like burn scars. my normal brown skin is fine (not shiny), but those patches of red shiny scar tissue against regular brown skin make the texture look so uneven/bad. i think they have gotten better slowly over the year. do you think these scars will go away on their o
  7. nope, i stopped using retin a micro years ago. i had the .4% gel. i got it prescribed in april 2014, used it until at least june/july 2014, maybe a little after that but eventually I became lazy and forgot about it actually, i don't think it was the retin a (although i thought that for a while). while i was on retin a even though skin was oily, the texture was still really smooth. i got the bad texture long after stopping it, mostly where i had acne. my lower cheeks are fine, there are still p
  8. yes, I used retin a micro for a few months what happened to yours? will it ever go back to normal? do you have the same red shiny indents?
  9. Can anyone help identify what these are? I've had them for over a year, from acne I think, I've never seen scars like these but they are really bothering me. They make my whole skin texture look rough and weird, and it's like patches of red shiny skin. I don't know if they count as dents but it does seem to be a different texture and slight indent?? Also, HAIR is not growing from these patches. It doesn't look like my normal skin. Are they acne scars? Will they ever heal completely? The prob
  10. they don't look bad at all. you can barely see them and most of your skin is smooth and has good texture