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  1. SkinBeingaDouchebag

    which chapstick to use??

    Aquaphor. It's a moisturizer and can be used on the lips as well. Good stuff. : )
  2. weLlz i dInkk mai face iz PrTty l0ng butt I dunt haB a rul3rz wit me know. sowwy.
  3. I had the same SN as you a while ago. haha :D

    1. SkinBeingaDouchebag

      make-up brushes

      foundation brush - once a week(I use it for MMU) concealer brush - every few days because i use a cream concealer i use soap or my face wash to clean them
    2. SkinBeingaDouchebag

      Great Way to cover up acne!

      I'm going to get everything she used. haha
    3. SkinBeingaDouchebag

      10 worst beauty trends of the past decade

      Oh I see. I bet she hides her liquor in there. she's a great artist, too bad she's coked out most of the time.
    4. http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/beauty/the-...-years-2403247/ LMFAO! All are true, although I've never heard of #9...
    5. Arent you the one who said you would never date a girl with acne and actually had the balls to talk about your dates skin and recommend her products on the first date? And now youve found a girl that you like, who has acne, but youre embarrassed to be seen with her. I think youre the problem here, you like to nit pick at every little thing about your potential significant other. Are you even ready to be in a relationship? She should be embarrassed to be seen with you, not the other way around
    6. SkinBeingaDouchebag

      Blue or green sweater?

      Cant decide on which one I should get
    7. SkinBeingaDouchebag

      Watching movies..

      All the time. Some look flawless, even in HD...
    8. SkinBeingaDouchebag

      What do YOU like about yourself?

      I like your boobs too.
    9. SkinBeingaDouchebag

      Best Face Wash?

      purpose gentle cleansing wash.
    10. SkinBeingaDouchebag

      Kitty litter for oily, large pored skin?

      I saw this on ellen degeneres
    11. I haven't actually heard her sing/talk much! I just think she's the prettiest girl on earth!! =) hehe