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  1. Aquaphor. It's a moisturizer and can be used on the lips as well. Good stuff. : )
  2. weLlz i dInkk mai face iz PrTty l0ng butt I dunt haB a rul3rz wit me know. sowwy.
  3. I had the same SN as you a while ago. haha :D

  4. foundation brush - once a week(I use it for MMU) concealer brush - every few days because i use a cream concealer i use soap or my face wash to clean them
  5. Oh I see. I bet she hides her liquor in there. she's a great artist, too bad she's coked out most of the time.
  6. http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/beauty/the-...-years-2403247/ LMFAO! All are true, although I've never heard of #9...
  7. Arent you the one who said you would never date a girl with acne and actually had the balls to talk about your dates skin and recommend her products on the first date? And now youve found a girl that you like, who has acne, but youre embarrassed to be seen with her. I think youre the problem here, you like to nit pick at every little thing about your potential significant other. Are you even ready to be in a relationship? She should be embarrassed to be seen with you, not the other way around
  8. I haven't actually heard her sing/talk much! I just think she's the prettiest girl on earth!! =) hehe