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  1. thanks for the input elf... anyone else?
  2. Quick question, do sunflower seeds (or any seeds for that matter) cause acne?
  3. Does hummus help or hurt acne? I can't seem to find information anywhere on the net. Thanks!
  4. Who here has cured their symptoms of candida and actually beat acne? I read about candida and it just seems to be something that evryone blames for everything. The fact that acne seems to be one of over one hundred symptoms just makes me think that people blame everything on candida overgrowth. Has anybody beat candida and noticed a difference??
  5. Is it smart to treat my candida with anti-fungal medication? Has anyone done this? any advice welcome...
  6. Is it smart to treat my canidae with anti-fungal medication? Has anyone done this? any advice welcome...
  7. Please note I am talking about aspartame and not caffeine... so if diet coke breaks you out and you're sure why, please answer "unsure" and note that in your post. We can assume, since it does not contain caffiene (what many concider to be an acne trigger), that if diet-caffine-free-coke breaks you out, then it is probably due to the aspertame, though i'm sure some will debate otherwise...
  8. Thanks Dotty for the explanation , and after following your other thread on this, I do think that this is something that works for some people. However, what I am talking about is not insulin resistance but candida which feeds on sugar. @ Favre4, well for me, after antibiotics, the breakout never ended (and hasn't...because now I breakout in completely new areas) until candida is addressed. I got my post-antibiotic breakout 8 months ago. But of course, it is different for everyone. Please try
  9. how long does the breakout last. i have more pills (doxycycline) but i haven't had one in eight days and i do not want to take one now....
  10. i figured this would be the best forum to adress this topic because so many people have quit antibiotics. I quit antibiotics about ten days afo cold turkey and I was wondering when does the breakout stop?? i'm losing my mind here! i'm begining to wish i never quit in the first place. damn...please help...
  11. walmart, walgreens, cvs. from $3-5 for 1 oz which last a while
  12. if i take zinc on an empty stomach i feel like i'm going to collapse.... you need to take it with FOOD and water
  13. i remember EVERYTHING everyone has ever said over the past ten years and that includes some pretty fucked up shit. people don't know what effect they can have on a person...