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  1. i got mine for 33 with shipping...found an auction style for a 1 oz bottle of apeel that started at 28 and i was the only one that bid can't wait to get it. is it good for acne spots (the red marks left behind)? thats mostly what i need it for...
  2. arg..decisions decisions... does anyone know if TCA fights acne? or does it just have skin burning properties?
  3. Was wodnering if it's okay to use some TCA Complex from perfectcomplexion on my forehead while on the regimen...my forehead is really abd especially with red and dark spots so i wanna get rid of those asap.
  4. do microderms help with fading red/brown marks left by acne? if so about how much improvment would u say u get with each microderm. also what does it do to active acne?
  5. My 3 week appointment got delayed by 1 week due to thanksgiving. so wednesday i went in to get my 3rd treatmetn of v-beam and smoothbeam. this time sb was on setting 12 and she went over my face many many times with v-beam and smoothbeam because she said she wanted me to really see better results. the redness was gone in 2 hours and i must say the red marks have faded about 35% at least right after teh treatment (usually they won't start fading till a week or so after adn might be even reder a
  6. there are many, i go to the one in irvine..then there is one in beverly hills, valencia, la, many places... (in fact many places that offer a deal cheaper than what i got >: (....but i get good service so it's okay
  7. i'm a bit disapoitnted sinse i've had 2 treatmensts so far and i'm still breaking out a hell of a lot, the day after treatment i'm dine but 2 days later and i start breaking out again...how can i heal if i keep breaking out >: (
  8. So yesterday i had my 2nd treatment...first i had the clearlight followed by v-beam and SB she went over a few times with v-beam and said that it'll help speed the recovery but my face will actually appear a lot reder for a few days because she's going over spots more than once. then i got smoothbeam on setting 11...it only really hurt around the nose on the cheek there under the eye, every other place was pretty numb (put numbing cream on hour and half before the treatment so it may have ev
  9. 16! holy crap...thought 14 was highest # so after the treatment on 14 were the red circles go away the next morning?
  10. i think i just had that insane breakout period that you get after smoothbeam (omg i couldn't keep my hands away and popped everything ](*,) ) #-o but anyway i was wondering does this happen after every smoothbeam or just the first? and i am still breaking out here and there as we speak, do breakouts stop as well in time or with more treatments? god damn acne is a freakin #
  11. been about a week and the red marks faded a little...getting next treatment nov.5th so we'll see if another reatment speeds thigns up