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  1. not what I expected

    I will start off saying I do not know how the old formulation compared to this one. However, one thing I do like about this moisturizer is that it does not irritate skin or cause any breakouts. That being said I am older with oily skin and even I don't find this formulation to be hydrating enough. Even with adding the additional jojoba oil drops or the Vinchy 89 hydrating serum. Since I almost 30 now I understand that with acne products if you use them you need something very hydrating to counte
  2. Thanks I realized it was my pore size that I meant still having issues reducing but my skin has been clear and beautiful!
  3. first if you just started it takes a week for you skin to adjust to any new cleanser and I would not recommend a Bp cleanser!!! No no no that's far to irritating and drying. It's better to use a gentle cleanser like cetaphil and 2.5% Bp and a moisturizer I do suggest the Bp from acneorg but I tried a sever acne treatment from walmart that had the Bp wash toner and Bp moisturizer and my face went bizurk and dry and more acne formed I used it for a couple weeks have you tried acne org product
  4. I find this very strange.. I used Bp for awhile now and the acne org one is working wounders for me. Usally when you first start your skin is terrible i remember when I first tried it at 14 I was flaky beyond and it was terrible but over time your skin becomes accustomed to the Bp maybe your skin had a reaction 2 it. However, to clear your dry flakyness I would suggest 3 things. 1) every time you wash your face exfoliate. NOT with a wash cloth scrubbing your face super hard. This will cause a lo
  5. I've been on the regiment for awhile now but the over the counter products just were not working as well. SO I bought the actual acne org products which I love! I notice that the areas on my cheeks (that had the most acne) has been clearing up a lot!!! I use to have blackhead's and large pores and they are starting to diminish! will the products help me clear those as well? but also the areas that never break out like my forehead is breaking out into little tiny zits all over why? is it all thos

    helps clear acne No irritating No strong smell Amount per tube Makes makeup look cakey price This product works very well on acne with (Dan's R). My skin is use to Benzoyl Peroxide. However, this one is much less irritating and creamy. There is two problems I have with this product. It comes in only a small sized tube.. which if your like me you will go through fast for the 2 times daily application. WOMEN!! NOTE THIS PLEASE! if you want your makeup to look smooth with application do not use thi