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  1. I wouldn't simply because it would feel like i'm looking at myself every time im with her. She could have the sweetest personality but I just would feel awful and uncomfortable being with someone with similar problems as me.
  2. Yeah be up front about your skin problems before she comes. It would sure suck if she came all the way and just brushed you off because you're suffering from acne.
  3. You should wait until the scabs fall off. Once they are gone then you can start with the neosporin. You could also use Copper Peptides to help aid in the healing process.
  4. Don't get too ahead of yourself. 50% GA is some strong stuff and should be used sparingly. Then I read you're upping it to 70%. You gotta be careful with acids. They can be beneficial if used properly. I don't think you should be using such a high concentration as it can just cause further damage. I know you want to clear up but don't risk making your face even worse in hopes that you plan to improve your scars over a certain period of time. Now with the icepicks that you've got might I sugge
  5. So earlier today I came across the most ruthless bunch of guys ever!! I was catching the subway going to work in the morning. To my utter disgust I noticed this teenager who couldn't have been more than 16 getting verbally harassed. Apparently a group of wannabe thugs had noticed the severe acne on his face. Furthermore his face was very blotchy and even from where I was sitting I could tell he was wearing foundation. Now normally I don't get too riled up but this was just uncalled for. I reall
  6. fluorescent lights are not as evil as some of you may make them out to be. personally i love them. you can get a good gauge what your face REALLY looks like under fluorescent lights. i know tons of people here have their problems with this type of lighting. but yeah, fluorescent lights ain't going now where so you will have to deal with them wherever you go. fluorescent lights
  7. http://www.cosmeticskin.com/skin-acne4.shtml
  8. I don't usually post on a regular basis but I felt compelled to share my two cents in regards to this matter. I am aware of all the recent threads Kanmi has been creating to vent her frustrations on her insignificant scaring, rosacea and other insecurities. We all have a commonality in that we are all suffering from the effects of acne. It shouldn't matter who has it worse off, thats not the point. All of us here are afflicted in some way and we should support each other instead of putting blam
  9. did you just admit you wear makeup? whats wrong with you dude.. makeup is for chicks, seriously man
  10. age: 25 wouldn't date a girl with acne. wouldn't want to be scene out in public and people making fun of her. most guys wouldn't date a girl with acne because its a total turnoff.