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  1. Hi there! I have mild acne, but it is persitant. My dermatoligist recommended i go on Accutane, i only take one pill a day (20mg) and my skin is awesome now. I tried all the antibiotics like minocycline and it works ok, but as soon as you go off it my acne returned! My doctor told me that it only supress the acne, not cure the problem. The only side effects from taking Accutane are slightly dry lips and a little more tired then usual. Try it guys, what the heck have you got to lose! Best of luck
  2. Hi there, stay away from pressed powder, it clogs your skin! I recommend Revlon colorstay for oily skin and a excellent facial moisturiser is Dermatoliga oil control lotion or estee lauder clear difference oil contol lotion, these moisturisers are my fav and i couldnt live with out em! I have suffered from very very oily skin or my life, i know how you feel, but you know what the experts says....we are less likley to age in the future! Yeah!!! )
  3. Hi there, Anything with Salicylic acid is very good for acne, i love dermalogica oil control lotion, it helps prevent future breakouts and contains other herbal stuff to soothe and purify the skin. Awsome stuff if you suffer from really oily skin, makes your make-up stay put all day. I love this moisturiser! Another good moisturiser is Estee Lauder clear difference oil control lotion too. Always ask for samples before you buy! Goodluck. )