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  1. I've had more or less the same experience where using medicine prescribed by doctors has been helpful in the short term, however harmful in the long term. I really regret using BP because it really dried my skin. Therefore be careful and try not to worry, time will heal it. goodluck either way
  2. Squirre123

    My scars

    Hey does anyone else have the same type? And how long would it take to fade? I've been putting lemon juice on it from time to time but nothing much
  3. Squirre123

    1. Why Me?

    Lately I've been trying to find out why and how my acne started. I'm an 18 year old guy and I've had it since I was 12/13 like most people on here. The severity of my acne has increased in the last two years. What bugs me the most is the fact that I spend ages trying to look after my skin no matter what I do it ends up the same. And then there are my friends who have perfect skin and do everything the 'rulebooks' say you shouldn't. Throughout the last two years I initially had success w