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  1. like i said, i was noticing results after the first week. after a month i noticed a huge difference, but i was still getting a few pimples here and there. after 2-3 months i was virtually acne-free, with the occasional pimple or two. contrary to most, i didn't have a big problem with red marks. they were probably all gone after 4 months or so, but they never bothered me anyway. let me know if you have anymore questions.
  2. just wanted to check in and give hope to some. i first found this website about 6-8 months before Dan's own formula went up for sale. at the time i had moderate-severe acne. i began doing the regimen immediately and began seeing results in the first week. after about 3 months i was 'fully clear'. of course i still got some tiny zits ever once in awhile, but i was completely happy and confident about myself once again. then, dan's formula went up for sale and i bought 4 bottles. i'm not sure ho
  3. i ordered 4 tubes and first thing i noticed was that more comes out of the tube than on the spot for that reason, i accidentally applied like 4x as much as usual but it spread on easy. once you start rubbing it in it feels a bit like water. not sticky or anything.
  4. i think if the gell ever makes it to stores it will be very successful with the correct advertising.
  5. i ordered mine like monday or tuesday and got it this morning. awesome /
  6. my face has been clear for several months now due to the regime but i got the gell in this morning because it's supposed to be easier to apply, no flake, etc. and it works great. im not even using lotion with it anymore.
  7. already applied it this morning. it's amazing. i didnt even use eucerin because it didn't dry out my face. my face is not oily either. it does not feel tight, nor does it flake. awesome stuff. oh yeah it doesnt smell bad either /
  8. working out also helps increase your bloodflow, though, therefore helping reduce acne sometimes.
  9. first off you dont need a lot of protein while taking creatine. it is always a good idea to have lots of it while working out, but creatine wont have any effect on how much you should take. i take TONS of protein due to my workouts and i haven't noticed any difference. creatine has not been proven to cause acne, although there is a vast rumor that it does. i never experienced acne when i was taking it. and finally, milk will not cause acne. food in general does not cause acne. do not be
  10. if you';re using the purpose bar to wash your face make sure you onlyu leave the soap on your face for 10 seconds or so; any more and itll dry you up quickly.
  11. if you're taking supplements i'd suggest stopping, especially if they're anabolic steroids. this is proven to cause acne not only on the face, but the body as well.
  12. i heard swimming in a pool with chlorine is good for acne too.
  13. which is better for clearing up acne?
  14. werd; make sure you moisturize twice a day