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  1. Hey guys we all masturbate right? well you shouldnt masturbating will increqase testosterone levels and therefore cause acne, no matter how hard it is youve got to stop masturbating,. you will start having wet dreams but dont worry you lose less sperm in a wet dream than a full ejaculation due to masturbation, wet dreams dont seem to hurt my acne too bad but masturbating made it all but clear up, maybe 2 pimples every2 weeks or so, its worth it, give up masturbating and get a gf but sex also lea
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  3. Don't worry about it im 19 and have had acne for four years all through high school due to genetics and football. It has never hurt my social life until i let it, on anygiven day i was wanted or liekd but some of the hottest girls in the school for example. Peopel remember what you said more than what you look like, and if you what them to know what you look like accentuate somethign other than your face, i workout a lot to show off my bod rather than my face, 80% of america has acne so don
  4. hey its not only girls taht have a problem with this shit its annoying, i shave usually everyday so no o one has a problem down there when she is doing whatever. anyways i use a gillete mach 3 turbo it has aloevera and vitamins in the strips, very soothing, anyways i use conditioner first and let it sit, treat pubes just like your normal hair. rinse the conditioner off and apply shaving cream if desired, i dont need too most of the time, shave with the grain first rinse and check everything o
  5. hey guys found a sad thing today and the past week. ejaculation leads to breakouts in males. testosterone is a major if not the cause for sebum production, testosterone is very involved in the production of sperm. when you ejaculate you loose your sperm and have to make more. i didnt masturbate or have sex for 2 months and had very few pimples at all maybe 3 a week and i masturbated 3 days in a row once or twice a day on the fourth day i have 7 new pimples and a bad feeling. masturbating is
  6. hey bro i take protein too ON 100% whey protein it has tons of stuff in it and has never made me break out and neither has intese weightlifting. everyone is different but lifting increases blood flow and therefore helps healing and immunity and sweat can help flush skin so keep working out healthy physique is hard to get but acne will fade muscles are hard to get back