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  1. I have no experience with lighter patches as my ace marks are red. It is discolouration but im not sure if its from acne. Is it a huge patch or small marks? It isnt vitilingo? I think you may have to see a specialist. It is a loss of pigement but I dont know how to make it darker. Dont worry though, someone will be able to give you some answers and it doesnt make you any less beautiful. Thankyou Im not sure if it is from acne but its a quite large and i am wondering wether discolouration
  2. I also have a large area of my skin that is so light and I am black, is that discolouration? & i do not want to take accurate! What should I do about these scars?
  3. Hi there, I am 14 years old and have very small ice pick scars from acne and i am very worried.. Will they fill in as I get older as they are very tiny? I also have a dent in my face from popping a cystic pimple a while ago and it is quite big. I do not want to put too much products on my face as I am only young or get any laser surgery and what not. What should I do? ALSO would it be okay for me to just use my own cleanser then just benzoyl peroxide and bio oil?? Thank you xx