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  1. Well I went to the dermatologist today and he told me no more accutane! I am excited, but a little nervous that he isn't having me do a full six months (I just finished month 5). Below is my skin today (its honestly like a babys bottom!) and it has been completley acne free for a little over a month. My lips are still chapped and the doctor said it might take a month for them to completly heal. We also discussed ways to prevent breakouts from happening again. He told me to avoid mosturizer and
  2. I am around 120lbs (55kg) so that calculation would be accurate. I am a little confused by what you are trying to say. Are you saying that as long as I am on it for 165 days I should have good results as far as remission goes. So if I were on a higher dosage I wouldn't need to be on it as long?
  3. Well I just finished Month 4 and I could not be happier. I have zero pimples and my skin is like a baby's bottom. My lips are still really chapped and my hair dry, but no dry skin. I have been on 40mg as of month 2. I am really worried that my acne will come back. I have asked my dermatologist to up my dosage, but for some reason she refuses. My sister weighs the same as I do and was on 80mg... so idk why my dermatologist wont up mine past 40mg. Anyways.. I hope my results thus far bring hope to
  4. I can certainly feel a difference in my skin. My skin is much smoother and my pores are now tiny. Almost all blackheads gone. I am still getting acne on my chin, but nothing that isn't able to be covered with a little makeup. Any pimple I do get are just pimples, no cysts anymore. I don't know if you are able to tell from the photo, but my complexion, especially on my cheeks, has really evened out. My scalp is no longer itchy... finally going to get my hair done! My lips are still chapped (
  5. Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I don't know if I said this before but my doctor upped my dosage to 40mg. I was hoping for more but because of my itchy scalp she didn't want to go higher. She said if my scalp doesn't get any worse she will up it again next month. I will start the 40mg pills tomorrow. My lips are still chapped and red, but not super cracked or gross looking. As long as I apply chapstick every 10mins I'm okay. My skin has improved sooooo much! I had no active or new pimple for
  6. I no longer have anxiety going out in public. However, I am stressing over my job.... or should I say job search. I am a recent grad and need to find a job that can pay my bills. I absolutely LOVE my job and enjoy going to work everyday, but it is a non-profit which means minimum wage for employees. I just got an email from a potential employer requesting an interview. I am worried about the affect my acne will have on my ability of getting hired. It is bad to say this, but looks do matter wh
  7. Continually improving. Each day I wake up I have less acne. Even though my skin is still far from perfect, I am more confident just knowing I am just several months away from that perfection. My lips are still tight and my scalp is still itchy. I started globing on the Waxelene which helps me resist the urge to pick at my lips. Tonight my best friend gets back from her month long trip to Chile (so jealous). A group of us are going to World of Beer to catch up before she leaves for Georgetow
  8. **Everything is really drying out. My pimples are all becoming super dry and eventually flaking off. My scalp is not as itchy as it was. I use to wash my hair everyday, but my hair is super dry so I can go a couple days. I know this sounds gross, but it helps with the itchy scalp. My lips are all I can think about. They don't look chapped at all, but boy do they feel it! I put on Waxelene about every five minutes. Tyler and I ran to chick fil a yesterday and I forgot my jar. Had to go through th
  9. Also consider the age he took accutane. My dermatologist said she doesn't like to prescribe it to teens as they are still going through puberty and having many hormonal changes. My Aunt took accutane in her 30s and has not had bad acne since.... 20 years later. Also, my sister took accutane (23 years old) and I still cant see a single pore or blemish on her face. It is incredible!
  10. Also I saw some comments talking about weight. My sister is 5'6 and 115lbs and I am 5'4 and 115lbs. My sisters doctor told her that 80mg (one 40mg twice a day) was the most she could have for her weight.
  11. I am currently on 30mg and have been on it for 2 weeks now. My sister was on 80mg for her entire 6months! I have an appointment in a few weeks and I am going to ask if she can increase my dosage. The only bad thing is that I hear you have another initial breakout when your dosage gets increased. I did some research and found several studies. Most found that those who were on lower dosages were more likely to have to go on another round within 2 years. I figure if your are going to put yourself t
  12. Wow. The improvement from 4 days ago. It might not look it from these photos because my face is still red, but no new pimples today! I am thinking that maybe it has started to improve because my period ended and I began my new cycle of birth control. I guess I wont find out until next month, but for now I am content. I feel like this is too good to be true. Everyone else I have talked to didn't start to see improvements this early. I am almost certain that this means my dermatologist will up
  13. Thank you! I always look forward to hearing from you! Gives me hope =) I am currently on 30mg and I feel as though my initial breakout is coming to an end. I have a feeling my dermatologist is going to up my dosage in a few weeks. Did you ever get your dosage increased? And if so, did you experience another breakout from it?
  14. Today is day 12 and I am feeling much better than I have been. I woke up this morning with only one white head! Weeee! Most "normal" people would not be thrilled by this, but when you have been waking up each morning with about 8 white heads surrounding your mouth, one is something to celebrate. My lips are still super dry. No cracking or bleeding, just extremely uncomfortable and tight. Also, my back/shoulders are super sore. Before going on accutane I read others strategies and experienc
  15. Im in a rush to take Bo to the vet so I will have to make it quick. Today was my first full day of work since my acne has gone crazy! It was ok. I told everyone in my class about accutane. I work in a school for children with motor disabilities called CECO and today was the last day (aka class pictures). I explained why I didn't want to be the photo and everyone tried to make me feel better and talk me into it, but no. Yesterday was the first time I cried. Broke down in the car otw back