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  1. Try apple vinegar. It slowly brings better tone to the surface.
  2. I have to co-sign this thread and bump it because it's pure truth. Apple Cider Vinegar has redeemed my back. It used to be covered with leopad-like black spots and since I started spraying 50/50 vinegar/water solution on my back three weeks ago, improvement has been marked. I have been spraying it on my face and the effect there has been unbelievable. The discoloration is fading everyday. I've worked my way up to full strength application at this point, but not sure if I believe full st
  3. interesting stuff . . . I had always kind of doubted the harshness of tap water on skin becuase i figured the chemicals in tap water were so trace that they couldn't have that big an impact. However, there are people including you that swear by water softeners and filters of that sort. I hear Demi Moore actually has some famous water line like Deer Park running through her house's entire plumbing system. By the way, what is rose water?
  4. alloette seems to have some quality products. I look forward to hearing more from both of you.
  5. This point is a recurrent theme of every acne treatment I've ever tried. From proactiv to differin to salicylic acid, most everything I have tried worked atleast for a while. It seems that the only longer term alternative is accutane. I think you should still seek accutane.
  6. we are probably in the same boat. I've stopped looking for topical aids for my skin becuase it just can't take it. There is something about soap that just destroys my skin so i've just been rinsing off with water to give my skin a break.
  7. can you give specifics on peel you use plz thx
  8. Yea i tried MaMa lotion and retin-a and it just didn't work out. They didn't tear my skin up or anything but i could tell they just didn't work synergistically for some reason.
  9. Been using it for the past few days . . . the good: skin smoother and softer to the touch The bad: small blemishes clearing up skin doesn't look smoother unfortunately has not affected old pigmentation I'm still using it so that should also tell you something
  10. hey it's pretty cool so far. You know how when your face is all flaky and peely after you first start tretinoin? When your skin has been softened by warm shower you can rub your face and balls of skin come off, well that's what I did last night and it's revealed more decent skin underneath. My skin has the tendancy to adjust to anything and everything usually loses affectiveness. Hopefully this stuff doesn't get soft on me. IT's VERY INTENSE BTW. WHEN YOU PUT THIS ON AFTER SHAVING YOU WILL
  11. today my skin is quite flaky. I'm gonna ride it out the rest of the week and see what's up.
  12. i just put a bunch of scalpicin anti-itch scalp medicine all over my face. It's ingrediants are: Salycilic acid 3%, alcohol, menthol, aloe, tea tree oil, and acetate. It sound like a great mix for prone skin not only SA but tea tree and aloe. And I never saw a 3% sa product before so i know it is very powerful.
  13. ^^^try 2-3 days. I used 4% and it was too powerful had to stop using it after less than a week.
  14. RJ4023

    MaMa lotion

    what the skin under it look like? As for does MaMa lotion help with acne probably not.