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  1. I like DKregimen.com It makes me think of Donkey Kong.
  2. Yeah, actually I don't use that much. I guess I should try to use more BP now. My skin looks pretty good now, but last night I fell asleep during a movie and didn't do the regimen I hate when I do that! My sister's skin looks pretty moderate, so I'm trying to start her on the regimen, but I think she has this whole false perception that theres something that's just going to work right away. She has insurance, so she should go to the derm and get accutane (her bacne is very severe) but she's t
  3. Yeah. It got worse. Now I have a matching giant zit on the other side of my forehead. Not to mention I continued to suck at my regimen. But I'm back on it...I hope. I put some tea tree oil on each zit before the bp. I hope that helps. And I never used to get anything on my nose, but lately I've had a cluster of pimples at the end of my nose. Weird..and annoying. They don't seem to be getting better. I recently started wearing makeup again, I wonder what kind of factor thats been. I'm just gonna
  4. I'm on Dan's regimen. I actually started it in February but I've been experimenting a lot the whole time. I finally decided about 2 weeks ago to just stick to using Skinceutical's cleanser, Dan's CSR gel, and C&C Morning Burst moisturizer at night and Cetaphil daily moisture lotion in the morning. I am also taking vitamins/supplements, which you can see in my sig. Cept I'm not taking the Nature's Cure tablets anymore. i ran out and I'm not buying more. Well, last night I went to sleep with
  5. Ya I've been using hydrocortisone for years now. it's the only thing that helps for me.
  6. Yeah thats what I meant. I use the scrub, too.
  7. I just finished my first year of college. My skin was completely clear til I got there and then I started getting breakouts, but then I found acne.org! So I pretty much cleared it up again. And I managed to lose weight instead of gain, thankfully. I attribute that to the fact that I didn't bring my car to school and had to walk everywhere. I took me 15 minutes to get to work, so 30 minutes of walking a day, 5 days a week did me a lot of good. I suggest just trying to be active. And don't stress
  8. I exfoilate with a metal polisher and then finish off with a highspeed belt sander, it's worked great for me. If I just need to exfoliate really quickly I'll give my face a quick once over with some sandpaper. If it gets really bad I really clear out all the gunk with a dremel on highspeed with the woodcarving attatchment installed. HAHAH...oh man I was literally laughing out loud when I read that..good one
  9. I like the neutrogena body wash. Works for me.
  10. I gave in and bought my first tube as well and started using it 2 nights ago. I dunno, I think I like the OTS better because it absorbs a lot faster. But obviously I'll stick with the CSR gel and hopefully find it more effective!
  11. CVS, It would be great if you carried the CSR gel on your shelves. I currently go to CVS for all my skincare products...except this one. You won't be sorry! Thanks, Teri Manassas, VA & Queens, NY
  12. haha oh and on a side note...when I first saw this thread I thought it said "Emu oil quilt!!!!" and I thought "what the..how do you make a quilt out of emu oil??? haha..
  13. I wont shower with other people, not because I'm insecure, but just because...I don't really get it lol. Showering is relaxing for me because of the fact that I'm alone. I love to just think a lot and enjoy the quiet.