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  1. I have prom in 4 days and my skin is still dry and flaky because of the Regimen. As most know, dry skin and makeup don't go well. If anyone knows a good exfoliator i can use then please let me know. I don't like to use harsh ones because they are irritating but just this once won't through my skin out of waco, plus my skin isn't that sensitive to exfoliators. Also, a really good moisturizer would be good too! I use Dan's and it seems to be too mild for me, it provides immediate relief but my s
  2. i know that they advertise it as a "complexion corrector" instead of a foundation. that may be way its so sheer. I had gotten a sample a month ago and never tried it because it looked so tiny and thought i wouldn't even be able to tell how it looked. maybe I'll try it now. let me know how you like it!
  3. I recently started picking at my skin again :\ I got really frustrated with how dry my skin was getting and would keep scratching at all the dead skin. Then I converted back to BP only at night which resulted in a few small pimples starting to form. So i understand your frustration! I've been really upset with my skin since January since i never had bad acne then it just hit me all of a sudden (not as bad as some thankfully). Push through this and i am sure you'll be happy! I am starting my 3rd
  4. Chin and Jawline acne is usually hormonal acne and very prominent in females. Since you have never had a problem with it before and it suddenly showing up it may be a kind of "purging" of your skin and there were a lot of clogged pores in that area. Stick it out a few more weeks and if it keeps coming up then it could be something else, not the Regimen. Try changing your pillow case as often as you can or sleep with a fresh, clean towel over your pillow, these things can help minimize jaw/check
  5. I haven't tried it but i know a lot of people have used it with acne because it was high coverage and wouldn't break them out. Hopefully someone who has tried it can give your their experience, but if you have a sephora, ultra, macy's that carries it, ask for a sample! use that in a certain spot for a couple of days and see if it breaks you out that way you don't waste money! also sephora accepts opened makeup back so if you buy it online, etc. and it breaks you out you can just return it!
  6. A Vegan diet helps some people better than others. It depends a lot on your skin type and your diet before hand. Since I became a vegan my skin got much much better, then a few months ago I started eating dairy again and broke out. Maybe it was a coincidence, I don't know. But i am back on a vegan diet. Now as for meat being the best thing for you blah blah blah, believe what you want but you can be perfectly healthy and vegan. I have gone to the doctors multiple times when I was a vegan bec
  7. Yes the first week BP is only used once a day! Only a pea size amount also, about 1/4 of a teaspoon. Im sure once you cut down and apply a good amount of moisturizer your skin will settle down! best of luck xx
  8. a lot of your acne is probably coming from popping your pimples. I know its a hard habit to break but i broke it in a week because of the regimen! When a blemish came to a head on my face and there was that annoying little white dot i so badly wanted to pop it! but after i applied BP and woke up the next morning it was gone! You are aggravating your skin by touching it, squeezing it, pulling it, etc. It will only make that spot worse and cause more spots in the area. PLEASE STOP. you will see a
  9. My favorite is Shisedo Urban Enviroment Oil-Free UV Protector. It has an SPF of 42 (sorry its lower than you wanted!) But is super light feeling, goes on smooth and sinks right into the skin, non-greasy or oily and feels like you are almost not wearing anything! I love it and wear it on a daily basis. Shisedo also does a 50+ called Ultimate Sun Protection Cream+ (for face only) and Lotion+ (for face and body) this one is really good as well but is not oil-free and is thicker. I used to use th
  10. About 8 months ago i went vegan after being a vegetarian and there was a huge difference in my complexion! But then a few months ago I started having dairy here and there again and my face went crazy. Now I cut it back out but am stuck with getting rid of my acne and the scarring. I recommend cutting out dairy (of EVERYTHING that means no cheese, milk, milk products, yogurt etc) for a few months and seeing what happens. I know it works for a lot of people. There are a lot of alternatives to all
  11. I've been on The Regimen for only 5 days now and am starting to see a difference. My skin was never horrible but I was starting to break out in female, adult, hormonal acne. It was concentrated around my chin and slowly started spreading up to my cheeks. What I believe prompted this breaking out was NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. It is such a beautiful foundation but after a few weeks of using it I was breaking out more and more. I stopped using it after a month or so and began using Neutrogena Ski
  12. I personally don't recommend Garnier bb cream, it has a lot of fragrance in it and irritants. The Maybelliene one is a bit better but still has irritants. As for a guy buying makeup the easiest place I believe would be Sephora, I know a lot of the women there work with men who wear makeup daily. If you are embarrassed then they will not say a word to you about the fact its unusual. Another thing you can do is if you have a girl friend that has a similar skin color to you, you can research a prod
  13. skybronte

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    Each day of each week a photo of my face while on The Regimen.