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  1. Mine are always very sore to the touch.
  2. I get those as well once in a blue moon. For me, they never come to a head, they just harden under the skin, and eventually (usually 1.5-3 weeks) they go away. I think a rule of thumb for most skin irritations is just to leave it alone. Your body is good at healing itself.
  3. Kupo!

    my dermatologist told me...

    That is really odd. You never had BP put on those areas? If that was happening to me ... I would either stop using BP or moisturizer those spots Never ever. I had been moisturizing those spots like crazy for about 2 weeks and they were still unbearably flaky. The same thing happened at the start of the regimen with my nose. It started to peel and that whole area around it was really flaky. But I have blackheads on my nose and cheekbone, so I never put any BP on it (because that doe
  4. Hydrogen peroxide actually kills healthy cells as well as bacteria. Your best bet for a cut or open wound is simply fragrance-free soap and water (ex. Provon -- a medical soap, used a lot for piercing aftercare).
  5. Kupo!

    The Clear Skin Regimen and the War on Acne

    Well that's a lot of flaming to read that I don't really care about, so sorry if this was mentioned somewhere in the steaming pile of text before, BUT... Here is a benefit of tanning: It has been show for people who suffer from depression, especially seasonal depression, that getting a bit of sun or (in the case of seasonal depression) going to the tanning bed will actually boost your mood, and perhaps help to alleviate some of your depression. Now as far as acne, I have no scientific proof,
  6. Kupo!

    my dermatologist told me...

    that's a good point. and that just might explain why my neck and behind my ears, of all places, has started to peel and flake and turn red, when it has never, ever had any BP on it.
  7. Kupo!

    Hair growth from CSR gel?

    oh noes! :ninja:
  8. Has anyone else experienced hair growth when using the CSR gel? I have noticed the peach fuzz on my face is longer and thicker, and the hairline around my temples is inching closer to my eyebrows. It's not too terribly worrisome at this point, but just wondering if anyone has experience something like this?
  9. Kupo!

    AHA is not a required element

    I have been using it for almost 2 weeks. For me, it works very well. It made my rough nose and cheekbone area smooth again in 3 days, and let me tell you, it was so so rough. I was very impressed. It does have a slight fragrance. I saw in the store the other day that there is a Dove face moisturizer for sensitive skin which doesn't have a fragrance--haven't tried it myself though. It does not ball up, it goes on very nicely. It's a little pricey, almost $6.00 a bottle, but you don't have to
  10. Kupo!

    AHA is not a required element

    I recently started using Dove Deep Moisture. While I haven't tried Eucerin, I tried a few others and none of them kept the flakes away. The BP had turned my nose and cheekbone area into one big callous. This Dove moisturizer softened my whole face, so I don't feel like an alien anymore. It has SPF, but doesn't sting my face like the others did, and it doesn't make me shiny. Anyway, maybe that's another one to look into.
  11. Pick up some oil-absorbing sheets. Like these: and use them whenever your face feels oily.
  12. I have used SeaBreeze for years...like 8 years, actually. It helped, but not nearly enough. I used it for so long because it did help more than just doing nothing, and I was hoping I would grow out of my acne. But I haven't so, I'm done with SeaBreeze. Plus it stings.
  13. Kupo!


    plus it makes your face smell like ass. lol not to say that it won't work for you. i do believe it works for some people, just wasn't the right combination for my skin. good luck to you though. i hope it works out. but it does make your face smell like ass.