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  1. anti bac skin wash by dermalogica will help. It contains triclosan which kills bacteria, plus salicylic acid which is a chemical exfoliant. This product is a little expensive, but worth the money.
  2. Just don't part your hair down the middle, that will make it stand out more
  3. Hey everyone, Does anyone know good makeup (foundation/powder), that looks good in photographs? Im getting married soon, and I really want my pics to come out ok, and not look like my face is white as a ghost! LOL PLEASE HELP!
  4. hang in there, the same thing happened to me, it took about a good month, month and a half, before I started seeing major results.
  5. Amnesteem is the same thing as accutane, its just the generic brand for accutane.
  6. DDF makes a product called "redness relief", Ive heard it helps with the redness left over from acne. I have the same problem. I am on accutane and my face is completly clear except for the red marks left over, Im gonna give this product a try, I'll let you guys know how it works for me!
  7. Ive tried the Smashbox one and I really like it, but I stopped using it, cause Ive been hearing it may cause breakouts. Its hasn't made me breakout yet, but Im too scared to try it again! There is one they sell on QVC from Laura Geller cosmetics, its called "Spackle", it sounds good, I think I might try it.
  8. Ortho Tri Cyclen worked great for me and cleared everything up, but I went off of them and within 6 months my acne returned even worse then it was the first time, so now Im on accutane. But Ortho Tri Cyclen worked great for me.
  9. A girl I work with is an Esthitician and she said that usually when acne is on your cheeks, that means it is hormonal. When it is on your chin, it is usually due to either stress, or something else?? The first time I tried birth control pills (Ortho Tri Cyclen) it worked great for me. It cleared everything up, I almost didnt have to wear makeup anymore. Then b/c it got so much better, I decided to go off of them, and it all returned within 6 months, but worse then the first time. So now I am on
  10. I got my breakouts pretty bad the second week, now my skin is a lot better, what a difference!
  11. I am taking accutane right now, and my red marks used to be bright red, and I can already see that they are getting lighter. I mean they are still there, but it is not even as bad as it was before. That would be cool if accutane did help to fade these red marks! I would be sooo happy!
  12. what exactly is tazorac? Is it a topical medicine or what?
  13. Hi, I am currently taking amnesteem, and I have never actually taken accutane, but so far, Im experiencing the dryness, which everyone says is a side effect of accutane.
  14. I know how you feel also. The red marks are horrible =( I have so many now. Last night my parents had company over at our house, and I didnt want to have to go and run to put my makeup on again, cause I had it on all day. Anyways, I couldn't even look them in the face. They must have thought I was a freak. I feel like no one understands. =( Hopefully they will fade soon.
  15. Hey you guys, OK I have a question... My doctor put me on 40mg accutane pills for one month. I take one 40mg pill a day. Does this sound right? I am going to the doctor again on Monday to do all the fun blood tests and crap, so Im gonna ask him about this, but do you guys think I should be on a higher dose? My skin is pretty bad, and its only gotten worse the two weeks Ive been on it =( What if he keeps on giving me the same 40mg pills? Will it do anything? Please someone respond!
  16. Right now Im having problems with my right side of my face, it always gets more then the left side. UGH this is so annoying, plus I have the red marks ledt from the other acne that has gone away =( It looks horrible!
  17. OMG, I paid $70 for like 10 minutes of talking to the dermatologist, and I thought I got ripped off. It was no help at all, $150 is waaay too expensive!
  18. Hey! I am taking 40mg a day (in just one pill) Ya I would definitley get cetaphil, it will help a lot with your dry skin =)
  19. Hey! I am on my 2nd wk of accutane, and I think that I finally just got my initial breakout =( My skin started getting really dry and started to clear up, then I woke up today, and I have a lot more acne =( I just hope it goes away soon! The products that I am using and are helping me sooo much are both cetaphil face wash and moisturizer, and for my lips, aquaphor. You definitley want to get aquaphor for your lips. Its amazing how dry mine got, its like the top layer of my lips is gone, and whe
  20. AVEENO hand lotion, I LOOOVE this stuff, its helped me so much.
  21. There are injections that you can get in your face. It is usually for cystic acne that takes forever to go away. This is a cortizone injection that they do. Sounds like it would hurt... Ive never done it before but my cousin has and it works pretty good in shrinking them.
  22. I have no idea how these people know it will reduce blemishes by 55%??? Im not sure if it even does, its just what they say, and they are very popular at my salon, so who knows!
  23. Im not sure if this is just a product that we have here in the US, but DDF makes a product that has 10% BP in it, plus it has sulfur in it. This will really dry out your skin, but it is supposed to work amazing! It is only a spot treatment, so you cannot apply this over your entire face. They also make a 5% BP cream too =) check out www.ddf.com