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  1. Been using tea tree oil for past few days it seems to be working very well. I use 100% tea tree oil which I put inside an empty eye drop bottle and apply to problem areas 3 or more times a day.
  2. Are you sure you're not still eating acne trigger foods, such as gluten(even whole wheat) and dairy? Some people eat whole wheat thinking it's ok when it's not. Also need to watch for grains and sugar, even soy with some people. Also might want to stop with the cod oil for a bit, I took fish oil pills for a week and broke out horribly.
  3. "Acne is not caused by diet. No scientific connection has been found between diet and acne. No food—not chocolate, fries, pizza, or any other food—has been shown to cause acne." http://www.fda.gov/F...s/ucm174521.htm Since the FDA says it's not caused by diet and kids still are taught this in school, then it must be true right?
  4. gourami

    Skin less dry Cystic acne Took 3g/day for a week. Broke in with large painful cystic acne along jawline.
  5. I started taking CVS brand last week, 3x1000mg/ day and have been getting cystic acne along my jaw. Gonna stop and see if it improves.
  6. I've had acne similar to yours, and have found a way to keep it under control through diet. I believe you are eating the wrong foods. Here are the foods you should immediately eliminate, then slowly start eating them again to see what's giving you problems: -Grains(especially gluten, whole grain wheat bread is still a no-no, the gluten in them is highly allergenic) this is tough since gluten is in just about everything -rice (I found I can eat rice in small amounts, but even 1 slice of b
  7. Pizza will break you out due the the high glycemic and gluten content.
  8. I kind of agree, I've seen some member's pics of their scarring and they are definitely making too big a deal out of it. There are even some people complaining where I don't even see scars! I want to knock some sense into these people. But there is a limit to how much scarring one can have. If you have severe acne scaring then you're just not as desirable, that's just how the world works.
  9. I've been doing TCA cross on and off for about 2 years. Seems to help the most with the small narrow icepick scars. For the bigger boxcar and rolling scars the result is minimal. I can say about 10% improvement under "forgiving lighting" - it just makes it slightly more shallow. But when looking at it under harsh lighting such as sunlight, it doesn't seem to have improved at all. I've probably done around 6 TCA crosses for my biggest scars. I will need to look into other procedures for bet
  10. I want to move to London now so I can get Fraxel repair.
  11. Diet definitely affect acne, when I go on a low GI diet, my acne diminishes greatly. I'm really upset that we were taught in Health class during high school that foods do not affect acne, and now I'm paying the price for learning this rubbish.
  12. Hi Adella, did you have deep scarring? The kind where if sunlight hits it at an angle, you see a dark pit. If so where those fixed by needling?
  13. Can you please tell more about why it didn't work? How many sessions did you do? How intensively did you roll? What kind of scarring do you have? or anything else you can would like to share. My scars are boxcar, rolling, and icepick with some being pretty large and deep. I'm thinking about doing it and as I've read other people success stories.
  14. Did you mean 9 treatments for each scar or just 9 scars? Cause it takes it least 3 treatments on the same scar to see results. Also TCA 25% is really low.