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  1. This is why all of the retinoids have mediocre reviews yet people who don't even have acne use them for the anti-aging and skin improving qualities.. You can't judge the results of a retinoid based on the first few weeks, or even the first two months for that matter. They tell you right on the differin website that improvement can take up to 12 weeks! That's just how this med works. It takes time to change the way your skin behaves. It might take a couple months for your skin to return to w
  2. Alright I've been using Dan's BP since the first batch he came out with. It has changed a number of times over the years. Like the OP, I would buy one or two large bottles and they would always last me a year or more. Usually the only reason I even reordered is because my bottles went past the expiration date. I can tell you every time I reordered something changed in the formula. I still have one of my old bottles. It's the light blue bottle with the dots on it, expiration 8/09. The seco
  3. I think BP has always irritated certain parts of my face. Between the eyebrows for one. I really doubt there is any purging going on in these areas. I stopped the BP on my forehead and the small bumps went away within a couple days. There are larger pimples that only seem to occur when I'm using BP.
  4. Notice how everyone is saying "When I used BP I looked older.." The effect BP has on the skin is very similar to the effect sun has on the skin. The immediate effect is a thickening of the epidermis. This is why people often refer to someone who is sporting a dark tan as having "leather" skin. It's a protective mechanism. The outer layer of skin is completely made up of dead skin cells, whether you are using BP or not. What happens when you use BP or go in the sun is this dead layer gets t
  5. I've been on and off the regimen for a very long time. Over the past six months I haven't used any BP at all, only salicylic and mandelic acids. Recently I started using BP again and it seems that when I put it in certain parts of my face, it actually causes breakouts. For me, those two areas are my forehead and the sides of my jaw. On my cheeks BP works great but in the other two areas I've only had issues. I think it has something to do with the way BP thickens the epidermis. Basically I
  6. Your own skin will always seem "worse." Whether it is, or isnt, it doesn't matter. If you are comparing yourself to other people then you are probably spending too much time looking at it in the mirror and obsessing over it. Spend as little time as possible looking in the mirror and no matter how you're feeling on a given day, decide to be happy.. You might not have a choice in whether or not you have acne, but how you let it affect you is completely in your hands.
  7. I felt like my skin became much worse during the few months when I was using resveratrol. It's actually unfortunate because the resveratrol seemed to have a positive effect on my mood and energy level. I've also found that most of the information on it is conflicting. It has the anti-inflammatory action in its favor but more testosterone and less estrogen would be expected to have negative effects on the skin. I'm actually tempted to try using it again now that my skin is clear, but I really
  8. The exfol is 2% BHA and I have been using the Paula's Choice for a long time already. The Sebum Be Gone is a copper peptide which I'm not completely sold on yet.
  9. I buy a ridiculous amount of vitamins and in my experience NOW is a very good brand.
  10. Anything exfoliating will help with blackheads. BHA is supposed to get into the pore but in my experience the 2% salicylic acid only has minimal effect. Retinoids are very effective, but they are a strong treatment option so evaluate how badly you want to get rid of these. Using a retinoid means avoiding sun exposure and using sunscreen every day. Mandelic acid has been effective for me lately. I would try that first if I were you. Sun sensitivity is not so much of an issue once your skin
  11. The marks from acne just last a long time. You probably will not have permanent scarring unless you either pick at your acne or you had cystic acne. Or.. if you went to a bad dermatologist that insisted on incising every mark on your face. My aunt went to one and her skin is in really bad shape even though she hasn't had a pimple in 20 years.. Really though, even if you manage to completely stop new acne, expect to wait six months or more for all previous marks to fade. There's a process to
  12. I think you'll be happy with the Vivant. I would much rather use the GoW brand if the results are the same. The price is lower, they use natural ingredients and anti-oxidants, and supposedly much less alcohol. Maybe I'll try the GoW for a while and see what happens. Acne is so random though. I might coincidentally start breaking out and it will seem like the product change is responsible.
  13. Can anyone comment on Vivant versus Garden of Wisdom mandelic acid? I have been using Vivant and my skin looks better after only a week and a half. The high alcohol in it is a bit harsh though. The price tag is pretty high as well. Has anyone used both of these brands for a while? I've seen people comment that Vivant is the stronger one. I don't want to switch if GoW isn't going to cut it.
  14. Fish oil is an Omega-3 fatty acid. Fatty acids build up in your body and are used for all sorts of processes. Omega-3's for the most part are used to make anti-inflammatory eicosanoids and prostaglandins. Omega-6's are usually pro-inflammatory. Omega-6's are generally cheaper oils and are much more common in the diet. This means the average person tends to have a higher ratio of 6's meaning more inflammatory response. Omega 3's help balance things.
  15. I'm using a new product from GoW with seaweed in it. Yeah, yeah, I've seen the "acne detective" page that lists seaweed as a skin irritant. However, that is the only hit I can find on the web listing seaweed as possibly aggravating acne. Everywhere else there are countless reports of it having skin conditioning and anti-bacterial properties that can actually help acne. Does anyone have any more reliable info or personal experience to add to this?