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  1. Im no expert. But this looks like the kind of thing that Accutane was invented for. This exact reason. Changing your diet and washing your face and supplements are a very idealistic solution to your problem. Dont get me wrong they are great suggestions. But those things alone will not remedy your situation. You need a dermatologist and you probably will need accutane. Possibly some surgeries. My best wishes to you. No one should have to go through acne.
  2. My fear of people looking at my face ended when I went to that dentist. It was so traumatic that it sort of broke me in a good way. Knew I had to go to the dentist and I saw it coming for a couple weeks. I knew that I would be laying down and having two or more people look VERY CLOSELY at my face with a HUGE BRIGHT LIGHT right on my face. So I knew I could not use any makeup (I would spot treat with foundation) or they would see it and judge me even worse. So I went with no makeup which w
  3. I know how you feel. I really dont know what to do about it except leave it alone and thank god I have bangs that cover it. ALthough my hair is possibly what is causing it in the first place. I wash my face in the shower with one of the recommended products on this forum (Olay foaming face wash). I used to do the regimen twice daily but am now stopping the BP and moisurizer use. But I do use a Neutrogena 50SPF sunscreen when I leave the house (I like this sunscreen and I dont know if other s
  4. Would you consider a mixture of 5% Tea Tree Oil and water on a washcloth and put on the face an effective treatment for the face? I just started two days ago and I think every other day for 5-10 minutes with that solution and a warm washcloth will be beneficial.
  5. No difference for me at all...it may have irritated my face even, the few times I used it to spot treat. I returned it. Also, the ingredients are not really the best for sensitive skin, plus it contains parabens. I suggest finding a good pumpkin mask, or just using plain yogurt and/or honey on your face. Its been a week I know. But is the honey yogurt mask simply raw honey and an organic grass fed cow yogurt? because I have that stuff.
  6. Theres two types of people in this world. The ones that have things given to them (money, looks, friends, etc) Then there are the people (like me) who were not given those things. So we spend our whole lives getting really good at getting those things and then we are the interesting ones. Average men should be peaking in their 30's I would say.
  7. Im in the same boat as you. I do not have any physical scarring. All I have is red/dark marks and spots that just never seem to go away. I still am getting a pimple here and there. But I can definitly say most of my acne is gone and a lot of the inflammation has reduced in parts. I have a feeling exercise may improve both of our situations. Do you exercise at all? I try to but it is so hard. Like harder than it was to change my diet permanantly. This is partly because when I jog I do so with wh
  8. I have some of this stuff lying around and was wondering if anyone had experience with it to knwo if it is good for the face. http://www.walgreens.com/store/c/queen-helene-masque-mint-julep/ID=prod7481-product There is a link so you can see what ingredients are in it.
  9. I would literally only eat healthy food, exercise, and take care extra care of my body especially my face... oh wait that is the cure for acne COME ON PEOPLE no but really I think an accessory to a conveniance store robbery is probably the farthest I would go
  10. I agree with the dude above me. REMEMEBER that beatiful people are quite rare when you think about it. The rest of us are more or less in the same boat. the best thing you can do for yourself is self improve. Once you do that there will be the beatiful people people who admire your self respect and if they dont well fuck them.
  11. no man. thinking like that and the acne wins! the lifestyle changes to rid yourself of acne are things people without acne should do anyways! Lets see eat better, exercise, treat face skin like a million bucks. If everyone did this the USA would not have th bad reputation that it does. I am going to do 10 pushups right now to let the acne know IT CANT WIN I GOT EXERCISE AND BP SCREW YOU ACNE.
  12. Seriously people. If you are not on the almond train you are living in the past. Dairy milk is so 2009 and is only excusable in baking recipes. I love me some almond milk or soy milk. You can substitute it for many recipes and its got like 3x the vitamins and minerals of regular milk, lasts longer, and is free of the dreaded hormones that are makin our children have all kind of defects!
  13. Yeah I took zinc for a few weeks. A 50 mg pill twice a day. It made me feel sick after I took at even with a good sized meal. If I took it with no meal I would no doubt throw up. It actually seemed to make things a bit worse. I dont know if its because I was getting too much (I also have quite a healthy diet so maybe I was already getting enough through food sources, but hey when you got the acne you will try anything) or if the other supplements I was taking were somehow interfering with the zi
  14. I dont have the clear skin yet but I cant wait till I do. I think it is a small price to pay to look excellent. Its not hard and it makes my skin feel wonderful. Combine it with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle and you will make 95% of people envious of you no joke.
  15. Hello all. I made this thread to question what I should do about the rest of the skin on my body since I started treating the skin on my face with utmost care. I am currently using some run of the mill mens body wash and am beginning to think that I can do better. I have been checking out a line of products called "Yes To" and they seem to have a good reputation and from a consumer standpoint they seem reliable with a quality product that isnt expensive. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D42C9H8/r