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  1. Do you know why you cannot ship to Sweden? I don't think jojoba oil, cleanser and moisturizers are regulated as pharmaceuticals here. However, AHA and BP might cause problems but since the regulations for over the counterdrugs in Sweden is now more loose, pretty much any store can sell over the counter drugs nowadays. It is possible to import drugs that already exist here. I can get in touch with the FDA here and ask about the 10 % AHA and BP - if they're are ok to import. Or are there an
  2. Are/were they still red? If the inflammation subsides the scar might become more apparent since the inflammation tends to fill out the scar. However, when the inflammation subsides and the scar becomes apparent, the scar will heal over time. Anythhing that affect your skin might change the appearance of your scars, e.g. suntanning might reduce collagen => making scars worse.
  3. I have tanned in tanning beds while on differin. No accute symptoms but it sure isn't good for you in the long run. Of course, tanning at all is harmful. There isn't really something as a healthy tan, all tans are due to skin damage. However, differin or any other tretinoin product will make it harder for you to create a tan. The product will pretty fast shed off any tanned skin.
  4. Be sure to use only very little cream on tour face. If your face is red and irritated from the drug, you either use too much cream, too frequent or don't moisturize well enough. Too much cream will make your skin irritated. The size of a pea is more than enough for your face. Less cream will give you better results than more cream. Don't forgett to moustirize your face and use less differin until your face get used to the drug. I'd say that apllying cream once every day is too frequent id it is
  5. As far as i know, the cream is less drying and thus less irritating than the gel. However, what's important is that you use only very little cream on your face since less is better. The size of a pea(!) should be enough for your whole face. Furthermore, you should apply differin less frequent in the beginning, for instance every third day for the first 2 week, every other day the next few weeks and then once every day. It is common for people to be desperate in the beginning of a new treatment a
  6. Why do you need finacea, accutane alone is moore than enough. Also Finacea may cause excessive irratation while on accutane => more acne.
  7. Some get cleared early, some cleared up last month of treatment. Some clear up after treatment. There are a few percent who don't benefit from accutane but they also see no initial breakouts or effects of isotretinoin whatsoever. Don't worry, it takes time (been there done that)
  8. You shouldn't do something surgical with them for at least 1 year due to decreased healing of the skin from accutane. Scars do heal with time and by using a topical retinoid, you will prevent acne from coming back but not least it will help depressed scars over time.
  9. "No change in serum testosterone (28 +/- 4.40 vs. 26.70 +/- 2.10 nmol/L; P=NS) and significant decrease in 5aDHT (5.10 +-2.20 vs. 4.05 +-1.65 nmol/L; P<0.02)." - Effect of Oral Iso... Isn't DHT decreased? Or is it decreased in skin and not serum? According to this study, receptor levels are decreased 2.6 fold just after treatment. Do we know if this is true after say 1 year after treatment? Also what about tetracycline? "Decrease in serum testosterone concentration during treatment with t
  10. I don't understand why everyone say that it doesn't affect your penis or other androgen growth. Google for : "Effect of oral isotretinoin treatment on skin androgen receptor levels in male acneic patients". According to the study, serum DHT was significantly lower in patient treated with Accutane. Also androgen receptor levels were decreased in back skin after treatment. DHT is a more potent androgen than testosterone and is important for penis and male hair growth. Why is it so impossible for
  11. sunburn is an inflammation = irritation. I believe this may cause acne.
  12. you can always switch between two retinoids e.g use differin for 6 month at a time and then change to retin-a
  13. I am not sure of the red WL... they have not published the spectrum sin graph yet... they should soon though. I am interested to see it myself. the red should actually be around 660nm to be effective. I really got the red as an aside... i was in it for the 2 415nm lights ... and the red was just a bonus i decided to get... in order to be close to the British study that is. well know for sure once the curve is posted... if it is around 660nm... it should be fine. yah according to th
  14. this is a really random comment....but i think you look sooo much like dougie from a band called mcfly, in your avatar!! :-)