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  1. So I started the regimen and I am done with my first week My skin, I would say has mild acne and very sensitive, my problem areas are mostly bridge of nose, chin and forehead. Well I can already see a huge difference! I have had NO breakouts, NOT ONE new pimple! My problem areas are healing, and no signs of dry skin or redness. My skin actually seems and looks healthier. I couldn't be happier, I know its only the first week but I have tried everything and my skin rejects everything within
  2. After reading such positive things about the regimen, I have decided to order it and try it out. I'm pretty excited but I was wondering if this treatment works for those tiny pimples in your chin and nose area. I see it works wonders for those larger irritated pimples, but can someone share their experiences with how the regimen worked for these little annoying ones. I would say I have mild breakouts but I have the most trouble with the ones on my chin and nose that do not go away. I just wonder