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    Clear Skin Regimen's working for me
  2. I think that if it says don't drink alcohol, there is a reason. It could hurt you. Even if you know people who have been on accutane and drank, that's their body. You don't know what your body will do if you try doing this. Some people's bodies may be able to handle both the medication and alcohol, but I wouldn't risk that. You need to do what will be best for you, and if you want to take a chance and try drinking while under the medication, that's your choice. I understand you're not an alcohol
  3. How long did you stay on the regimen? It takes a while for really great results. I know it can be frustrating. I am 25 with acne. The regimen I use has been the best thing that's ever worked for me, and believe me, I've tried just as many things as you. I am not all clear, but I am getting closer and closer to being clear. You can go look at my photo album if you like. I use the cetaphil gentle cleansing bar, the clear skin regimen gel, and eucerin renewal lotion(although I don't think this one'