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  1. Hi all. I have postinflammatory inflammation on my buttocks for 5 years already. I have used hydroquinione 6 percent, glycolic acid and lemon peel bioferment and nothing worked. I bought glycolic acid peel 35 percent on amazon to try. I am an idiot because i threw the peel procedure card that was included in the product. So basically i don't have the full proper instructions. http://www.amazon.com/Glycolic-Acid-Peel-3...0471&sr=1-1 All i says on the bottle with instructions is Quickly
  2. I use alpha hydrox souffle 12 percent glycolic acid. I also use aloe vera gel moisturizer and use sunscreen. I just wanted to know is that the CORRECT ORDER of the steps to apply? I always applied it this way which was the cream, then moisturizer and then sunscreen. But i just read that you are suppose to put moisturizer first and then the cream? And sunscreen is ALWAYS LAST RIGHT? I read in a post on some forum that since its an AHA, then it has to be applied last? Does that mean it would b
  3. I have hyperpigmentation in my face but it is very minor which is why i'm not concerned about it. yes i have hyperpgimention in my butt. What else you want me to say? My behind?
  4. yes i have some hyperpigmenation on my face. But i'm not that concerned with it because its that severe. I'm just looking help for the hyperpigmentation on my buttcocks
  5. I read some people here that retin A helps with hyperpigmentation but takes time. I have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation on my buttocks for 5+ years already. My buttocks is discolored and very darkish. I'm asian. However, i hear it makes a person's neck darker? Can someone explain why it would make your neck darker but make the marks on face lighter? And is Retin A allowed to be used on the buttocks? I see people say buy it from alldaychemist.com. But what is the exact retin A to buy? I se
  6. Anyone here tried this before? I read some people say it helps with lightening the skin but does it help with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation?
  7. I have post inflammatory inflammation in my buttocks area for 5 years already and i tried many products. I done hydroquinone 6 percent, lemon peel bioferment and used a glycolic cleanser and Alpha Hydrox Souffle that contains 12% glycolic acid. I read that chemical peels help because they are much stronger. So far i checked amazon and see they have these 3 types of chemical peels that have pretty good ratings. The most popular ones i see on amazon are 1. Glycolic acid 30 percent peel 2. Lact
  8. anyone can help me please? The other options i can think of as well are papaya soap or some type of kojic acid
  9. Anyone tried this product and can give me their experiences? Does it work for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation? My dermatologist said to try either this or Kojic Acid for my hyperpigmentation on my buttocks since hydroquinone doesn't work for me.
  10. Anyone tried this for postinflammatory inflammation and did it help? Can someone recommend me the specific product that uses kojic acid that works? I know there has to be quite a number of them.
  11. I went to 3 different dermatologist already. Yesterday, i went back to dermatologist and he said that i could try some neostrata HQ lightening gel. Anyone know much about this? He said i could try this or maybe kojic acid? Anyone know if that works? And if yes, can someoen tell me what is the best brand for those 2 products? He did say at the end, that if those don't work, i would have to live with it . Is it wrong for me to think there has to be a way to get rid of the discoloration? I mean s
  12. I also tried lemon peel bioferment and that doesn't work either. Member Group Icon Group: Veteran Members Joined: 30-March 06 Does anyone know what i can try? My last resolution i think is glycolic peel and i see some on amazon that is 30 percent. However, i'm worried that i might burn myself.
  13. Does anyone know what i can try? My last resolution i think is glycolic peel and i see some on amazon that is 30 percent. However, i'm worried that i might burn myself.
  14. Maybe if you had my problem, you would be more considerate. Anyone else have a solution? I tried so many things already.