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  1. 40-60mg a day? Probably it was the cause for clearing up so quickly but it's not suitable for a long term. Try to slowly decrease. I know it's frustrating but don't forget that Accutane is a prescribed medication with side effects. Believe me, I used to do the same thing when I was bad and feeling terrible and it always came back as quickly as it had cleared. When I went on a long term, steady dosage, it took a while but it cleared all my cystic acne completely in a couple of months. Now I'm wi
  2. I think about this a lot. Maybe 10. It made permanent scars, both physical and mental. I have spent thousands of €€€ in treatments
  3. My derm told me to use skinoren during summer for my acne and also blackheads. Tried it for 3 or 4 months. The burning is normal, I got that too. I didn't see any improves with my blackheads but my hyperpigmentation scars faded. It lightened my skin a lot. I believe skinoren it's the same thing as azelex (not totally sure though).
  4. I completed isotretinoin treatment two years ago and it was a life saver! Took it for 9 months on a low dose (10mg a day) because I'm short and lightweight. My face was clear until last spring when cystic acne decided to show up again. My derm put me on isotretinoin again two weeks ago, same dosage. Now I'm more aware of what isotretinoin really is so I'm reading as many articles and logs as I can (that's how I end up seeing your post). It's normal to feel a little anxious because it's a new ste
  5. Thank you for sharing! Have you experienced that on other body parts as well?
  6. I use Clarins Everlasting Foundation SPF 15 Full coverage and it's great! It has a matte finish and it's non-comedogenic too. I recommend
  7. katarzina

    The End? For Now

    So... my scars battle only lasted few weeks unfortunately. I had a huge breakout again and I had to stop the lemon treatment. I hope it get better with the sun, I know it's not the best cure but still...
  8. katarzina

    Day 1

    Well, I was searching and I found that lemon juice was good to lighten scars so I will give it a try. Here's a photo of the scars where I'm trying this method.
  9. katarzina

    First Entry

    Hi! I sign up in Acne.org this week (today, actually). English is not my native language so please excuse any mistakes. My acne started when I was 10/11 years old. It started when I was really young. I tried a lot of topical treatments. When I was in the 8th/9th grade it got much worse, so the derm prescribed me isotretinoin orotrex (Accutane is not available in my country but it's the same thing). This was really effective and my face was clear until last month. I'm no longer taking the isotret