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  1. It's not as easy as you might think. A lot of people on here seem to say that to me. My right temple is classed as severe scarring, I've never actually seen temple scarring as bad as mine. I reckon the pics I have uploaded on here don't show the severity to its full extent. I also have scarring all across my forehead, I've just not uploaded pics on here.....I actually wish I had scarring on cheeks and jawline, because I can grow a massive beard very quickly and that would cover it no problem.
  2. This treatment could actually be exactly what I need. Thanks for posting more info on this @beautifulambition Looking forward to hearing your progress ProXyPat. Good luck!
  3. Thanks. I will look more into this. If it looked promising I'd consider flying to Denmark to get it. It doesn't look like the people in the video actually have any acne scars, that I can see anyway.
  4. From what I've researched on this....They don't think it will be available for at least another 5 years. I'm not sure.....Something inside me says this could be the answer..... It's a simple theory.....take a sample of your skin, print it, and layer it over. Easy, job done! PLEASE WORK!!! HA!
  5. Yeah - I totally agree with what you've just said. That was my thoughts exactly. A small part of me hoped someone out there had maybe heard some magical update about this being the cure.
  6. Yeah it is meant to be permanent - my skin looked a lot better for a while after the treatment, not so much now. There's not I'm afraid. I'm still looking for new treatments myself, not has worked so far.
  7. Hmmmm, maybe a few months, I have pretty severe scarring on one temple though......It did improve the look of some of my scars, I'd maybe say 10% in some areas, and the texture of my skin improved a little too. It just wasn't the final result I was hoping for considering I spent £1000 on enerjet and £500 on Infini. It's a lot of coin for noticing just a slight improvement.
  8. I've had Enerjet done twice in London. Hmmm, made a difference at first - now my scars have gone back to how they were. Definitely a waste of £1000 for me.
  9. I'm not saying whether it will, or whether it won't. I'm merely keen to find out what other people think about the idea of 3d printing skin. Or if anyone has any inside info, or just heard any positive vibes about it? Here's one link from 2015 > http://www.telegraph.co.uk/beauty/skin/loreal-3d-prints-skin-for-product-testing/
  10. Agree with you Paul B - There's a mix of all 3 types of scarring. I'd personally say they are also mild - moderate. Now OP!...You may or may not take this as positive advice....but......You're quite lucky where you scars are located, with your hair colour, and growth potential. My scars are on my temples so they can't really be covered. Well they could be if I had decent hair. HA! There's various treatments you could try for sure, as mentioned above by Robertoo.....But, if I was you, I'd lit
  11. Thanks for the info mate. Appreciated. See, that's the thing, I've already spent 2.5k on treatments in 2015, and I'm skint at the moment. So buying a bottle online and doing it myself I think is the only answer.
  12. Yeah totally, it was just a budget thing for me, I saved 2.5k for all treatments, and I was down to my last £600 for filler. The Voluma wasn't really to reduce the scarring, it was to get the temples out to normal size again. In an ideal world I'd have Voluma, then Juvederm layered. But again, that would total 2k every 12 - 18 months. I can't afford that sort of dosh each time.
  13. Anyone? Please... I have visions of myself purchasing totally the wrong thing, and ending up blowing my face off!
  14. Temples are good area for fillers I was told as it's comment for people to get it for wrinkles there. The forehead is a defo no no, it should never been done there for acne scars as they can pop out the way apparently. Voluma filler is £595 most places I've looked, it's the deepest of all the fillers. There are other cheaper filler options that you'd probably need, like Juvederm, I needed voluma because my temples are literally hollow. After I'm done with derma roller, and TCA cross. I'm go