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  1. ok so this week i had this red dot at the side of my mouth. Im used to red dots, i thought it was a zit. so i didnt think too much of it. The when it started to itch, I payed more attention. Soon it grew huge, then itched and burned. I thought maybe it was a bug bite. then a couple hours later it spread to the other side of my mouth. And i have tiny little blisters all over my lips. I told my parents and they took me to a docter.I got medicine to make it go away. But I guess i touched it and the
  2. ok dancing always makes me feel better. i love dancing to pop mostly, britney spears type pop. I have never had dance lessons but when i do dance, its like the best reviving feeling of ecstacy ever. but for when im feeling down or depressed, i usually listen to hawthorne heights, rock, or evanescence. or emo songs he he. lol and no im not emo/scene
  3. reguardless of what he said, i do the same exact thing!!! I worry if i lightly brush my face if im gonna have a breakout, when i eat anything greasy/junky...when i sleep on pillows and sheets...if i swim...wearing sunscreen...getting sweaty...hmm pretty much everything. im paranoied. It sucks, becausse then i get anxiety and cant sleep. eh, at least we can share our retardeness together lol; how old are you btw? im 14
  4. i think i have that too. mainly on my t-zone area. are they possibly blackheads? i dont know
  5. ok so this is what i have tried: *benzaclin ----didnt work *differin-------didnt work *tazorac and micocyline----isnt working My acne is getting so much worse, now its on my back and i just noticed on my chest. this is truly disgusting. Tonight i want to die. I really want Accutane so badly, but im 14. could it really be bad for me if im too young? yea well im having suicidal thoughts, but its not coming from the accutane i havent been able to take. So i really dont car if i have a <1%
  6. yea forehead acne is really a pain, considering they are tiny and theytake forever to leave. plus theres like a zillion of them. *sigh* but at least they dont scar as badly as the cheeks do.
  7. i am 14. thanks guys for the support, i feel loads better. i also wrote a song, well i guess a 'poem' (if i have any form of emotion at all i can turn it into a song/poem, im weird like that) and i sorted out my problems. im really going to turn my act around. Everyone makes mistakes, im glad i got it over with and realized it.
  8. right now i am using delna regimen (not thrilled...) aloe vera, and .o5%tazorac. occasionally some minocycline. It would feel so much better if my parents would forgive me for everything i do...but i dont have the courage to tell them. i dont like to dissappoint them, because they are so proud of me. But they dotn know everything about me...like how i cuss when angry...the things me and my friends talk about...the way i went to my friends house when her mom is working, im not suppose to be t
  9. i feel the same way sometimes...but i go to GOVERNMENT school, so im pretty much forced to go every day
  10. ok so i have bought 100% organic aloe vera gel from the health store. it works good. I am satisfied. It doesnt worsen anytihng, but im afraid if i apply it too much, will it dry out my skin. i know its a natural moisturizer,, but what happens when you apply too much? because when your skin is dried out, it produces more oil=more acne=more depression=less motivation, a big mess lol. so i definately DONT want to put too much on.
  11. ok i take tazroac since december and it did absoloutely nothing, if not wrsen my condition. Im thinking about not taking it at all? I mean, if i quit tonight, do you think ill have insane crazy breakouts???? Im so worried if i dont take it ill break out like crazy. but its not working. im so confused i need help! my regimen: morning: rinse face with water apply 100% aloe vera afternoon: baking soda apple cider vinegar method aveeno correcting treatment aloe vera night time Tazorac 0.05% c
  12. my crush told my friend he didnt like me, and i have a similar story so im pretty much having the worst day ever, and im breaking out, and i fell alseep for 3 hours at like 6 o clock so my sleeping pattern is all messed up. Damn i hate life right about now.
  13. yea im always parnoied about my hearing because i listen to my ipod all day really loud. I hope it goes away. should you see a docter or something?