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  1. yea i been usign panoxyl for about4 mos now.. but i use the one w no alcohol which is aquagel 5%bp. sofar, my skin looks good. no major reakouts.. my prob is juss it gets dry but not as dry as b4. n my skin gets greasy, yuck. i've also uneven skintone. i reckon that once i gro out of this crap n not hafta apply np anymore, my skin weill b less dry n not as red
  2. i been readin alot about includin b5 into the regimen. i been on the regimen about 3 mos now. my skin is almost clear..... maybe 95% or so. i juss have a teeny bit of uneven skin tone n dryness but my skin still gets oily n i hate it. it ruins my appearance. id look fresh when i go out but after a few hrs my face gets oily. yuvk ](*,) anyweyz, is b5 pantothenic acid? can i get it w/o Rx? whut are the common brand names here in canada? how bout zinc? OTC as well? i wanna try em so maybe my skin
  3. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...19&atrxp4=24533 neutrogena healty skin AHA lotion w SPF. i use this one (but w/o SPF since the ones they sell here where i live isn't oil-free). it will definitely make ur skin smoother
  4. i'm 3 wks into regimen n my skin is definitely better ({|= i have less breakouts n very tiny. n my face becoming smoother that before. tnk god for this / on myw ay to clear skin
  5. that happens to me too. exact same moisturizer. my face burns n turns very red but dat was 2 weeks ago. i've switched to neutrogena healthy skin AHA lotion. it stings a bit when u first use it (cuz of AHA) but then it goes away after daily use. i highly recommend this one. my face doesn't flake as much n turn red =D> /
  6. HI this is my very first day on acne cure n 2nd wk on dan's regimen.. anyweyz, i got a few questions. id appreciate ur help -does SA need 2 b a LOTION? -do i need to dilute GA? -after rubbing icecube, do i also DILUTE BP w/ water n apply it to my WET face? or do i wait for my face to dry first? -when applying icepak, do i also wait for my face to dry or apply it while face is wet? I'm afraid that runny BP will stick too the towel dat's wrapped around the icepack(therefore not as effec
  7. well tnks 4 reply anyone else got reccomendations?! any brands from "superstore" (i think this store can only b found in western canada) cuz that's where i sually buy or in walmart? :-k
  8. help me pls!!! any list of OTC brand names for glycolic acid. also, where can i get salicylic acid LOTION? tnk u O:)
  9. L'oreaal Pure Zone http://www.lorealparisusa.com/frames.asp#s...ncare/index.asp they contain salicylic acid which is great for exfoliation.... n opure zone is made for young skin.... they got cleanser, toner, n lotion all containin SA. u can buy em individually or all 3 n use em as a sytem.. i personally use it along w BP n works great for me to deep cleanse my face n remove makeup O:)
  10. i higly recommend L'oreal Pure Zone http://www.lorealparisusa.com/frames.asp#s...ncare/index.asp (scroll down to pure zone section) the pure zone line includes cleanser, toner, n moisturizer all of which contains SA. U can buy them individually or buy all 3 for complete system. i use all of them n worked GREAT 4 me!!! try it.... i think around $9+ USD/ea ({|=
  11. im 2 wks into the regimen. first week, i peeled a lot n so red.. i still flake but less n i use the method kierstablle mentioned (towel). for the redness, appply LOTs of moisturizer... i do tis @ nite.. so when i wake up n go to work, it not very red. btw, do u use LOTs of BP, as well? can't stree dat enuff for this regimen to work.... O:)
  12. that happens tome too. especially beginning of regimen.. im in to my 2nd wk n it looks better. gets a lil red... juss aplly it gently n like others said, juss let it "soak" ,.,, the redness will fade afer some hrs. i use neutrogena btw.....