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    I want to help people who have acne and are suffering because of it. I had acne as a teen and an adult but thankfully cured it completely. If you need any help, please send me a message.

  1. Do you have any increased stress during this period or play sports during this time?
  2. Wow, your skin seems to have cleared up super quick! The redness is barely noticeable. Have you tried a gentle (and I mean very gentle) exfoliator? Perhaps try it solely on the cheek areas. Again, very gently. But I really don't see much redness at all!
  3. It's true. The other thing to remember about acne is that if you find the right routine, it can disappear, so keep trying and searching.
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  6. Feeling down about acne? Take a look at this! Sometimes times get hard and we all need a bit of a pick-up. We need to realize just how lucky we are, whether or not we have acne. The following isn’t going to cure your acne, but it might just put things into a bit more perspective. I hope this helps you, even just a bit. What would the world be like if it only had 100 people? If the world were made up of a village of just 100 people: 50 would be female 50 would be male 26 would be
  7. Nice and light

    Light Great for oily skin This is a lovely light moisturiser for oily skin. It is very easy to apply and is absorbed very quickly. Leaves the skin feeling comfortable.
  8. anthonykell

    Great stuff

    Great stuff

    Very effective Pricey I used this when my acne started clearing up and it proved very effective. I also really liked the spray, which was quick and easy to apply.
  9. Hello Simon, What products do you apply to your face? Perhaps you are using too many at once or a certain product doesn't suit you.
  10. Hi Liamm, I think the advice above is excellent. I would also suggest looking at other ways to try and combat acne. Do you drink water daily? Do you eat fruit and veg? Do you exercise? These things are often overlooked in the battle against acne, but I believe them to be very important. I hope this helps.
  11. I never had any success with the products that sell themselves as 'acne treatments'. In fact, some even made my acne worse. I think 'normal' face washes and creams are the way to go. It's about finding the right ones for you. This takes patience and experimentation.
  12. Try using less make up, like you are doing. Minimizing this could help you. How often do you wash your face? I would stick to twice a day (morning and night). Why don't you try a slightly heavier night cream (only apply at night). This might give your skin the moisture it needs for the following day. When you try a night cream, stick with it for a while. If, after a few weeks, your acne gets worse, try another one. I know this takes patience but it all about testing different product
  13. Stop taking it and go to see your doctor. Sit down with your parents and tell them, under no uncertain terms, that you are being serious and that they should listen seriously.
  14. Hi, It's very tough, I have been there too. Keep fighting and figuring out a good balance in your life to get rid of acne. Forget about the people who were talking behind your back. Who wants to work in a company like that? I guess those people gossip about anyone behind their back: that's just the type of people they are. Forget about them and move on. There are better people in the world.