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  1. OMg...its hilarious you said that!!! I had about 3 years ago, one little red mark end up under my eye. I thought it might be related to the acne I had there, but the acne cleared up so I let it go. Then 1 year ago I started to get multiple pimples in that one area. No matter what I do, they have not gone away...they aren't pimples" I hear. I also hear,"They are related to my acne" I think I might need them to be lasered off...i do not want them to be there in my wedding pics!
  2. msangel


    Yay, your on Minocycline, and I mean that in a good way. Im one of those people who had moderate acne, and minocycline has definatley helped with clearing up my face. Note though, Minocycline is not a miracle pill, and it doesn't magically make it go away (your acne). You have to do a regimen to help you. Its a pain in the butt to do, but minocycline, used with a good facial clenser...you will be supprised of what happens. No side effects here eather.
  3. I dont know what your trying to look for? Acne cream? What does it look like? Desc. needed. Is it a percription filled item???
  4. msangel


    If I could make a suggestion. If finances allow you to spend some money on treatments, do go to a "professional pimple popper," aka facialist. But go to one who is located in your derm. office, not a salon. Yo want them to use products that are beneficial for the face. You will be suprised. I have been going to one for 3 months ($75/visit), and my skin is 90% clear, no new pimples, old blemishes only. But also I have to say, yes its gross what her job is. BUT, when I used to pop my pimple
  5. Thank you I have found it...I have progressivley changed my regimen entirely over time. Now...I have changed my regimen to a point where the results have been so dramatic that I cannot stop hearing how great my skin is looking. 1.) I use minocycline every day...100Mg to be precise, in one pill. 2.) Wash/Massage my face for 3-5 min. with Neutrogena Oil-Free Face wash (gel form) 3.) Use in upward motions Neutrogena Toner on a cotton ball...slowly. 4.) Wait 1 minute for it to dry 5.)
  6. Yay for you I started to continuously use my Minocycline for about 2 weeks now. The first week was horrific on my skin. I was all flakey and gross, I didn't want my fianceé to even look at me it was so bad. But I told myself that it will get better. Within these two weeks, I went to a new derm. one my dad recommended, because my old one wanted to go have a social get together, and play catch up, instead of letting me know what I could do to improve. So, I went to a new one, who is very
  7. It's basically a very pricey way to package & market benzoyl peroxide. If you want to use BP, you are better off investigating the Clear Skin Regimen on this site.
  8. At first, it was very difficult for me to come to terms with the fact that I have acne. I was always in denial, and ALWAYS thought to myself that I didn't have a problem. NOW, Im getting married next spring, and I am definatley coming to terms with it. I am afraid I am going to be walking down the aisle with pimples on my skin being covered by make-up. I am using BP creme (Benzeclin), Minocycline every night, and washing with dove for sensitive skin. I thought I might use proactiv. But