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  1. Hey finished my course the first week of November. I had major shedding the last 3 months and yes I was freaking out, but it has grown back. My hair is thick and it keeps getting stronger and stronger. I also take biotin too.
  2. Thanks for updating!!! I have been off for officially 4 wks and not one single zit!!! My skin still isn't oily, and that is so crazy for me considering I had oily skin for 10 yrs prior. I know some oil production does come back but I am hoping that my acne does not come back with it. Oh yes and my energy levels are starting to become normal again! Fingers crossed that we stay acne free!
  3. I would go the extra month too. I had the option to end at 5 months but I decided to finish at 6 months. It has only been 3 weeks since I've been off of the meds but so far so good. Fingers crossed that my acne doesn't come back.
  4. I just finished my course 2 weeks ago, and I can honestly say I'm so glad I did it. Now fingers crossed that the acne does not return. I am 5' 6" , female, and weigh 138 lbs. I am 27 now but I had been dealing with persistent moderate acne since I was 18 years old. I have extremely oily skin as well, so after years of acne, and the scars piling on I decided to go on accutane. I took 40mg in May, 60 mg in June, 80 mg in July/Aug, 100 mg in Sept., and 120 mgs in Oct. I did not have the initial bre
  5. Hi there, I feel like I am going through the same thing. I just ended my medicine last Tuesday, and I have not had any cystic pimples, but tiny little bumps around my nose and on the tip of my nose. And mine comes and goes as well. What was your dosage? I ended up taking 120 mg during my last month, so I'm not sure if it is just a side effect of the medicine coming out of my system. Please let me know if you find anything on this.
  6. This is great news!!! I will be done with my 6 month course next Tuesday!! And like you I wish I would have tried this earlier. So glad to hear that you are still acne free. Fingers crossed that I will remain acne free once I am finished. And some people truly don't understand how much acne can affect self esteem, confidence, and just overall happiness. I can't wait for my energy levels to get back to normal, and no more chapped lips! WOHOOOO. Thanks so much for posting Jess
  7. Hello, I am almost done with accutane, 2 more weeks and this is my first course. I was just curious did you get to your cumulative dosage? My dermat was telling me when people get to their dosage they have a higher chance of acne not returning. I am a female and I weigh 135 lbs. and I am on a pretty high dosage. 40 mg for may, 60 mg for June, 80 mg for July, 80 mg for Aug, 100 mg for Sept, and 120 mg for month of Oct. Again everyone is different and my fingers are crossed that the acne stays at
  8. Hey ladies! Thanks so much for the advice. I will make sure to moisturized my hair more, and continue taking my supplements. So my skin was extremely oily, and I had hyper pigmentation (which has lightened up dramatically) while being on accutane. I did not get the dreaded IB and my skin was not even dried out on 100 mg (That can probably give you an idea of how oily I was) So biggest side effects I have experienced is chapped lips obviously, sore joints, and being exhausted. I've been working
  9. Ladies quick question I only have 3 more weeks.....Almost done!!! But has anyone experienced shedding while on accutane. I know people say your hair grows back but I'm concerned because when it sheds the follicle is coming out with my hair. I was on 40 mg in may, 60 mg in June, 80 mg in July and Aug, 100 mg in Sept, and 120 now. I noticed the shedding at the end of Aug But on the flip side my skin is looking amazing!! Fingers crossed that the acne will stay away. And this might sound crazy but
  10. Oh Wow!! Only a few more days that is awesome. I will be done with my treatment on Nov 4th I have had amazing results and I'm so excited to be done. I'm doing 120 for this month and fingers crossed that the acne does not return. Please keep everyone posted about post treatment. CONGRATS!
  11. Hey I am in my fifth month of accutane, only one more month! Thank goodness, but I wear contacts, and the last few weeks my eyes became extremely dry and irritated. It felt like something was constantly in them. I bought rephresh eye drops and I put them in at night and in the morning and it works great for me. Hopefully a simple OTC will do the trick.
  12. Hey Mandy! Thanks so much for posting. I started the beginning of May. 40mg first month, 60 mg sec month, and 80 mg for July and August. I will be finished by Oct. The first couple of months my energy levels were great, but this past month it has hit me. Even though it seems damn near impossible to find some motivation with exercising it really does help. I do zumba, and elliptical 4-5 times a week for 30 min, and it really has helped with my energy levels. It is so crazy how fast time is flyin
  13. Hello! Beautiful! I am on accutane and I started May 2nd, and will be done at the end of Oct. (Decided to do the 6 month course). My question is what was your dosage each month? And did you get to your cumulative dosage? I am female, 27, and had extremely oily skin. I had persistent moderate acne which would leave scarring. . So far the worst side effects have been dry lips (obviously lol) and really dry eyes which is super annoying with contacts. But I did not get the IB which I was thankful fo
  14. Hey! Thanks for the encouraging post!! I am on week 10 with accutane and honestly it's not that bad...80 mg and most annoying thing is chapped lips, dry eyes, and a bit fatigued but you can combat all those things. Didn't even get the dreaded IB. I actually went to work today and noticed that I didn't even have to put on concealer which was a huge deal for me!! Sooo yes only a couple more months and super excited to see my final results!!
  15. Hey Briana, I was in the same boat that you were in. Not severe acne, but mild/moderate persistent acne. I'm 27 now, and I had been dealing with the acne for 7 years. So over time my scarring started to take over my skin. I finally broke down and got on accutane. I've been on it for almost 7 wks now and I did not get a flare up. Honestly I've just been dealing with chapped lips, dry skin (which is amazing because I had extremely oily skin) and a bit fatigued. Of course everyone reacts to it dif