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  1. alright, good friends... let me give you a brief overview of what has been happening: three weeks ago, skin was okay except for bad breakout on the right side... started the regimen- it cleared up nicely the first week. last week it just kept getting worse and worse- new breakouts everyday... (this has all been chronicled on my Personal Log- Fatima's Log...! if you'd care to take a look) so this week, yesterday actually, i stopped the regimen. garkee left me a post saying that perhaps my
  2. Just a quick question for anyone who might be able to offer some help... The point of boiling the water before adding lemon and consuming is to get rid of the "impurities", right? So one could just as well drink purified/bottled water with the same effects? And the idea behind drinking it hot is just that the body will absorb it better? Thank you very much.
  3. WEEK TWO (sunday morning) well... fatima stopped the regimen today. Garkee suspected i might be experiencing irritation as a result of the benzoyl peroxide assault, and i think he is probably right. it is just getting out of control. my skin is actually worse now than before i started the regimen... i don't know what is going on. what can i do? this morning i washed my face and neck, shoulders, back with the Clean & Clear and then only applied my Neutrogena Moisture and did a light s
  4. hey Garkee! many thanks for your post just a quick question, though... when you say a "reddish bump" do you mean a bump that does not eventually develope a whitehead? i'm a wee bit confused... i mean, it's difficult right now for me to tell if the acne i'm getting is 'regular' acne or acne cause by irritation like what you've describe... lol... because ALL my blemishes usually start out as a 'reddish bump'. so if you could clear that up a little perhaps...? Thank you SO very much.
  5. WEEK TWO (saturday night) well, good friends... fatima discovered two things today, after perusing through old posts on the message boards: she has been washing incorrectly (too roughly), AND she is not using enough benzoyl peroxide. the latter though may be a good thing since i've only been on the regimen two weeks and i'm slowly upping my dosage... (eventually, i guess i'll need to be going through 2 tubes of bp a week since my problem area is my entire goddamn face... 2 tubes? can that rea
  6. WEEK TWO (saturday morning) i feel so horrible... need to vent, i guess... this website will be my salvation... this is exactly what i am doing right now (my regimen): Clean & Clear sensitive skin oil-free cleanser, Neutrogena 2.5% bp, then Neutrogena Moisture SPF 15... i keep having to remind myself to be gentle when washing and applying bp... i've watched the videos countless times but i'm still not sure how to grade myself in terms of gentleness, per se... the key to success with th
  7. WEEK TWO (friday night) tonight i switched to a different cleanser- Clean & Clear Sensitive Skin Oil-Free... so we'll see if things improve at all from here on out... i do not like bar soaps. my skin does not like bar soaps. the drug store in my area has only a very limited selection, so i tried to make the best choice in trying out the Clean & Clear... thoughts, anyone? advice? anyone used this cleanser? two new blemishes tonight!! arrgh. the back of my neck and my shoulders
  8. question for TranceOwnz... you must be taking zinc supplements, i assume? have you found it to be effective in clearing acne?? thanks.
  9. WEEK TWO well, fatima feels very bad today... it's almost the end of week two, and i admit i thought i'd be getting miracle results in no time flat... no new blemishes today, but my face looks absolutely dreadful: red, blotchy, uneven, pockmarked... i'm being diligent with the bp- applying the recommended amount both in the morning and at night, though a little less in the morning because of dryness/burning/flakiness, and lots of moisturizer both a.m. and p.m... my skin feels a little bit "raw
  10. hi guys:) are you using the mint mask in conjunction with the bp regime? if so, when you spot-treat overnight, do you just dab it on a blemish over the bp coat? and... when is the best time of day to use the mask? before bed and before the night bp application? thanks!
  11. hey, lolobaby.... what are some foods that are GOOD for acne? or just plain good for the skin in general? thanks much.
  12. I've almost completed my second week on your regimen. My face has been dry and flaking recently after washing, which is expected, I know... I've been applying the recommened amounts of bp at night, a little less in the morning, and loads of moisturizer both in the morning and at night... I'm getting some burning and redness of a mediocre degree which subsides after a short while... I've been going over the videos and the FAQ compulsively, lol; I'm neurotic about getting this right... I am doi
  13. WEEK TWO: Tuesday DK- much thanks. i really appreciate the help and advice today... face was very dry in the morning so i cut back a wee bit on the bp... not too many new blemishes, but these pesky onces i've got now seem adamant to linger around forever... i would like to think things have 'stabilized' for the time being but, tomorrow never knows... and neither do i... having some bearable redness, which i think may be in part due to the cold weather and skin-dryness... somehow this mil
  14. lol... i read somewhere once that ELVIS used to cleanse his face every morning with a washcloth saturated in his own urine... i, personally, would not try this. it sounds rather unsanitary, but... what do i know. i would try first the lemon juice drink or diet elimination or vitamin supplements before i put my own piss on my face... mercy.
  15. WEEK 2: Monday ahhhh! oh no! thanks much for the tip, DK... i am definetely going to look into other moisturizers.... because... well.... i do not need any more trouble with my skin.... thank you. ohh, man. fatima has had a very rough day .... i guess things are going alright with the regimen.... only a few new blemishes cropped up today... minor ones... though the breakouts around my hairline are being very stubborn... arrgh... but it's only been a week... and... already much improvem