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  1. Thank you all so much for your replies. I was at a real low point when I wrote this and am feeling a little better now. It's hard to stay optimistic sometimes after so many defeats. But it's very encouraging to know that there is such a supportive community here and that people are really looking out for each other. I know I'm not alone in this and just knowing that helps. Thank you for all your advice and suggestions; I will give them all a try!
  2. I am a 24 year old girl. I used to have a great social life, dated a lot, had great relationships and was confident and generally happy with my appearance. Now, acne has hijacked and ruined my life. For the past two years I have been in a losing battle, and after turning my whole life inside out over and over, I give up. I've been to three dermatologists. I've been on five different oral prescriptions. I've been on countless topical prescriptions. I've tried every natural remedy, topic