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  1. i got bad acne....and few days back got my blood sugar tested it as like 220..and i was shocked..i still binge on food with sugar and cant help it.whenever i stay on a low carbohydrate diet and excercise my face starts clearing up.newaez,thanx a lot for the information.
  2. and what about coconut oil...when to take it and what quantity ?
  3. i have heard about eating as much garlic as one can.i tried with chewing one part and my mouth cavity was like burned.so how to take garlic?do you swallow it?and can we have probiotic supplements and garlic the same time coz garlic is an antibiotic?if not then please mention what time difference should be there.and i take probiotics after my meal.is it ok?
  4. with alwayz changin diet and everything i've forgot what normal life is.im alwayz thinkin abt acne n acne n wish dat i had a clear skin.acne has killed me.my confidence is so down and i just cant face public . i noiticed that i eat a lot more than people do.i would just like to know how much u people eat in a day so i can compare.so go ahead fast
  5. i got one pack of tea leaves.the brand is lipton.whats inside is kinda dried leaves n when i prepare tea the leaves look green and the pack says"dried high quality long leaf wihtout any additives".is this d green tea you people talk about here?and one more thing,i generally have around 4-5 glasses of this one each going around 250 ml.im not pretty sure if i am going right:-shelp me
  6. hey!how are peanuts for acne?do they aggravate them?
  7. hey!did u quit smoking becaouse of acne or what?i too smoke arnd 30 a day.does it affect acne as well?
  8. i have found its not just chocolates but its the sugar what i crave for.my skin is sucking big time with every passing day and i cant really quit them.i usually eat around 5 chocolates a day .i wish god helps me take low sugar diet somehow
  9. thanks for help people.its d sugar in chocolate dat i love..coz i noticed that i am also takin other kidna sweets.its seriously annoying:((can't really cut on my sugar infact its sugar inatake is increasing day by dae.i feel so tempted seeing sumthng sweet:(.
  10. i think its sugar ..does apple kill love for sugar or wat?n wat raisons u talkin abt here..i love almonds but think it causes acne ?does it ?
  11. man...its freakin hell outa me.the more i try not to eat chocolates i find myself digged more into it:(i am fuckin eatin more chocoaltes than ever.i find some kinda psychological or emotional problem with it:(i gotta be strong at my will but i really cant hold without chocolates.what to do?i am havin hell a lot new break outs
  12. like 6 months back a dermatologist gave me a drug called "minobid-50".my skin cleared out for a while den i ahide worse acne n dez dermatologist ppl suck big time.they dun have fuckin time n they r there 2 treat us.v shud get dez ass holes down in d middle of a boulevard n throw sum potent acid on their face,so they fuckin realise wat worse i feels like... newaez i have decided to give up chocolates.thanx a lot ppl.u made my mind:dance:
  13. im a new one out here..need soem help.i have been havin hell of acne...my face is full with red spots but wat i cant help is new acne breaking out...i take a lodz of chocolates n fried foods..n cant really resist dem....n ppl too say dat diet doesnt influence acne....plz temme if therez really some relatin b/w sugar and acne....n if sumbudy can tell me abt a diet i can have it wud b great...plz help