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  1. No, it's not the same. They have B5 at GNC it's called Pantothenic Acid, in the B-vitamins/ Stress relief section, or in 250 mg dosage at London Drugs (London Drugs brand- Pink label). If you don't have either of those stores try a specialty vitamin shop- it shouldn't be a tough thing to find.
  2. PS all alcohol except tequila and wine counts as a grain. Just go a week without booze.
  3. Lectins, not carbs or sugar, cause acne in many cases. Try cutting out ALL grains and ALL nightshade veggies for a week. Just try it. You can still eat sugar (in moderation, don't be a pig!) and some dairy (assuming you're tolerant)- the only thing excluded is grains (that's rice, too), tomatoes, eggplants, potato and peppers. Also lay off the peanuts, cashews, cucumber and avocado just to be sure. If you're not significantly clearer a week later, then you can yell at me or whatever. Just tr
  4. Quitting smoking in conjunction with a good diet (ie low/no sugar) and no booze helps acne a lot. The thing that screws people up is that right after you quit, for like 2 months, you break out a bit. Not cystic, but lots of whiteheads. It's your body getting rid of toxins, and it's so helpful for your skin in the long run, but you have to stick it out for more than two months before you see results. They call them 'quitzits', btw, if you do a google search for 'quitzits' you'll get more info
  5. I think SteveBrown makes an excellent point. Having acne inspired my interest in Natural Medicine, and I will soon be a registered ND. Further to that, it has forced to to focus on developing my personality rather than just relying on looks (which is easy, and which a LOT of girls do). It has also made me live a healthier lifestyle that I'm sure will add many healthy years to my life (not to mention the fact that I'll look younger longer, what with having cut out sugar, smoking, booze AND having
  6. It seems to me that most of the people who try diet and feel it's failed never eliminated the right things in the first place. Try eliminating ALL grains (except brown rice). Basically, eat lots of fruit, veg, water, herbal tea, brown rice, fish and white meat. That's IT. Spices and maybe a bit of parmesan for flavoring, good oils/healthy salad dressings, eggs are Ok for me, almonds etc... try for 1 month, then add in red meat and experiement with other things one at a time- you'll definitely
  7. Hi- I'm a success case who was greatly helped by Sweet Jade. I had to eliminate ALL grains and beans except brown rice. Including soy. I eliminated all sugar too (still ate fruit, but not tropicals, oranges etc). I stopped eating red meat for a few months, but have included it again. I've also re-introduced fructose- ie I'll drink juice, or have the occasional drink flavored with fructose. I really think that grains were the major culprit though- I'm not going to try it, but I think I could ge
  8. uh.....I'd say 1000mg is a minimum. don't take more than that AT ONCE, because your body can't absorb it and it will be wasted, but you can pretty much gulp as much Vit C as you want without ill effects, except wasting money because you're peeing it out. I'd aim for taking a 500mg ester-C tab as many times a day as you can remember to, with 2 hour intervals, or barring that as a possibility, at least one in the morning and one at night. The RDA for vitamin C is the amount that will prevent y
  9. People may remember some of my very few posts here- I was helped out a great deal by the information provided by sweetjade1980. Anyways, just wanted to check back and let everyone know that by eliminating all grains from my diet (except brown rice), and not eating sugar, I'm 100% clear. Oh, and using salicylic acid 2% wash has helped I think. It took about 1.5 months after eliminating all grains, and I've had a bit of sugar lately (just what's in sausages, salad dressings etc), with no adverse
  10. I had some good experience spot treating with Salycilic acid overnight.