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  1. My best friend had pretty bad acne and she started using her boyfriend's tazorac and her forehead (usually completely broken out) is completely clear..I was amazed..but its kinda like a double edged sword because yesterday when i was eating dinner with her at a restaurant, I literally saw pieces of skin hanging off her chin and jawline from the severe dryness that medicine causes. My skin is way too sensitive for that but she looks great (except for the pieces of skin peeling off.)
  2. Do you really suggest taking 20 tablets daily?? I have kind of a hard time swallowing pills and didn't learn how until high school lol..
  3. I use austrailan tea tree oil on my blemishes and they seem to go away in twice the time than prescription meds alone. For example, if you have a lot of red spots with no head, after I apply the tea tree, I notice it brings it to one therefore it doesn't sit around on your forehead for weeks. The lady at Sally's beauty supply told me that it cleared up her son's severe acne..I read its because it has anti inflamatory and antibacterial properties..the smell is definitely strong..I spilled a whole