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  1. If you wanted a really good peel, some people use a microdermabrasion cream like Epidermx II before their peels. It exfoliates gently and provides a clean, smooth surface for the peel to be placed on. That will probably help you peel better, but you'd probably need a little bit longer to recover than with the typical superficial peeling you get normally.
  2. Space it out a week apart - you have to give your skin time to heal man. Even if it doesn't look inflamed, if you don't space it out, you could be doing more harm than good.
  3. Don't Pick. Go on Accutane... Apply Neosporin cream to your face on bigger ones that look like they might scar. Maybe get some antibiotics in th emean time...
  4. Yes, that is what they are supposed to look like.
  5. I think you had a panic attack. Quite common. And from the description, it sounds exactly like one.
  6. LOL you eat 5 of them and you're at 10 grams (15% of the RDV) of fat and 150 calories. 10 grams of fat. So the majority of your consumption is fat, not useful calories. Waste of your time and money.
  7. listen to your derm. not faceless entities over the internet.
  8. go with the excel - the 3-4 blade razors cause a lot more irritation in sensitive skin people.. 2 blade razors (excel) actually cause less irritation.
  9. Agreed with casenickels.. the guy's a moron - just look at the CPA website.
  10. All I can say is that's definitely misinformation right there.
  11. Yeah, I'd have to say you should lighten up and stop taking things so seriously (especially something as trivial as what you described) that you encounter on an internet forum. Relax. Breathe. Relax. Breathe. Sleep.
  12. So, putting on the moisturizer first makes the skin more pliable and absorbant for the Tazorac?
  13. Well, my skin dries out horribly on Tazorac (did the first time) and I just started putting it on again. I was planning on putting it on over the Tazorac, but according to the bottle of Taz it says to put it on BEFORE you put on the Tazorac? I wonder if that kills its effectiveness.
  14. This doesn't make too much sense to me. On the bottle of Tazorac it says: "If a bath or shower is taken prior to application, the skin should be dry before applying the cream. If emollients are used, they should be applied and allowed to absorb into the skin before application of Tazorac." I was always under the impression that moisturizers/emollients should be used AFTER Tazorac so Tazorac absorbs properly, but apparently I am wrong... Hmmm?? Color me confused.
  15. If you really want to remove it, have surgery..I had one on my earloab after I tried to stretch it and it didn't heal right - I had it removed surgically and it's as good as new.
  16. That happens with me, too. I'm just going to stick with Lubriderm fragrance free, sensitive skin.
  17. Brandy, I can't really do AHA's due to the fact my skin is ultra sensitive. That's why it's extra hard for me to find one without it. Does Neutrogena have one without AHA? Could I put a link to drugstore.com to see if you think this Neutrogena lotion would be good - the reviews say it made their face sting, so I'm wondering if it has AHA in it...? Let me know if I can. I think it's called Neutrogena Oil Free Sensitive Skin.
  18. The pill form of Metamucil has psyllium, as well... It seems rubber-sheep was not clear. And just so you know, Metamucil is NOT a stimulant laxative like Senna.
  19. I don't like Cetaphil...like others have said on this thread, it makes your face too greasy looking/feeling. I'm looking for an alternative - I like Lubriderms Fragrance Free Sensitive Skin version - it doesn't seem to make the face as greasy looking/feeling. But, I still wonder if there is another one out there without AHA/sunscreen that might be better.
  20. That's weak you are moderating the product reviews - throw out all the ones that give it 5's across the board and have been on it 2 weeks, too, then. It's pretty lame if you throw out bad reviews - this regimen does not and will not work for everyone - that is a very simple, obvious fact.
  21. Just shave it off - and no it won't make any significant differences in hair growth, at all.
  22. Yes, in Walmart and Costcos pharmacy! Duh.
  23. This sounds similar to a medicaiton I used to take, Lotronex. The doctor's had to specifically be enrolled in a program to be able to prescribe it. There were no refills allowed. You had to have a special blue sticker attached to each prescription. If you research the two, you will find thyey are very similar in the sense that they both have caused severe side-effects, but are the closest things to cures for what they are treating than any other drug.