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  1. I've been using Neutrogena Visibly Firm Night Cream (with copper tripeptide-1) and I love it. In fact, I may do a separate post on that. I use it both at night and during the day. In addition, I've been alternating between a couple different washes with salicylic acid. Anyway, does anyone think it would be a problem adding Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Night Cream? I think the active ingredients are retinol and hyaluronic acid. Has anyone had a problem using all 3 of these
  2. I think it's helped a little but I'm going by memory... For some reason the red marks are not very visible in the original photos they took and in the latest photos my entire face is red from the previous fraxel.
  3. Hello everyone! I've had 5x Fraxel2 treatments over the past 3 months and a sixth one scheduled for tomorrow. I'm doing it for red marks and discoloration from acne from 15-20 years ago (as opposed to depressions or pits)... For some weird reason it's almost totally on one side of my face and it bothers me that it's asymmetrical! I think Fraxel2 has helped a little... But only a little. Now I'm trying to decide whether to do an additional 2 treatments for a total of 8. A different PA than m
  4. Nevermind today I'm much worse. Looks like very bad sunburn and there's a largish patch on my upper cheekbone with some yellowish stuff that leaked out- I guess dried up interstitial fluid.
  5. I just got back from my first Fraxel session (Fraxel 2): Treatment Level 16 5 SL (I forget what this means?) 8 Passes with additional on cheeks They used numbing cream and 2 Motrin/2 Tylenol and I hardly felt anything. Just some pinpricks near the edges. I'm hardly even red- I assume that will get worse as the day progresses.
  6. Anyone? I was hoping to go for a consultation next week and it would be nice to know!
  7. I'm still not clear on whether the Fraxel 2 is the same as the SR1500. The Fraxel 2 is only a software upgrade to the old Fraxel or does the Fraxel 2 guarantee they're using the SR1500? If I ask to see the machine will it say SR1500 on it somewhere???
  8. I 2nd this recommendation if you live in the U.S.
  9. I was worried about exfoliation (or increasing it excessively) with regard to the Hayflick limit- supposedly epidermal cells can only divide about 50 times. On the other hand, that is probably a lot of skin cells.
  10. Hi, I said I'd reply after my consultation so here you go. The Dr said Nlite probably wouldn't do anything for the red marks. She also didn't think I really needed it for the acne since it was so light, but I'm getting it done anyway (this is the package of 3 for $1300 at www.marinaplasticsurgery.com - great deal). For the red marks she gave me a prescription for 4% hydroquinone but I think that is usually for brown marks (melanin) not red marks? They also have a facial center that does AHA
  11. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to reply! I have a consultation scheduled for Thursday. They said they only use Nlite for wrinkles and active acne and they have another pulse-dye laser (Vbeam perhaps?) that might help with the red marks. I'm a little confused because the Nlite and Vbeam seem like almost the same laser: Nlite 585nm, 350 us pulse duration, 2 Hz repetition rate Vbeam 595nm, 400-450 us pulse duration, 1.5 Hz repetition rate And the Cbeam (also from Candela and s
  12. Hi, I'm trying to decide between Nlite and Smoothbeam. I notice that about 95% of the posts are about the latter. From reading the FAQ and 100's of posts it sounds like Smoothbeam is generally much more dramatic and cheaper than Nlite. Would this be a good generalization? In that case why would anyone get Nlite? I know that Nlite supposedly just irritates the dermis blood vessels while some other treatments "burst" them. So basically I would choose Nlite (or multiple sessions of Nlite) if