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    My interest are Computer electronics. I fix and build them as well trouble shoot them. I also have a side hobby as R/C electric and nitro cars. I also dabble in Music as well. But, it's one step closer to commericial business.<br /><br />I do work with a computer website, www.2cpu.com as a Moderator and volunteer my time there helping out.

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  1. I swear people in this forum are very very dense. I did NOT write the WebMD article. If YOU have data that supports YOUR argument. Then what YOU need to DO is take your argument up with WebMD and challenge their article. NOT ME. What I did was post what was written on a reputable website. If you can't challenge the websites data directly, then your post is already failed.
  2. YOU STILL DIDN'T READ. This is exactly what I am talking about in this forum. Myopic view points are exactly why I don't post in these forums anymore. Just because you have acne does not mean you can just spaz. People don't read i swear. Re-read my original post.
  3. Why don't you just post up a reputable link then to support your statement? Right...like you seen all the potential in the other thousand threads in the lounge?
  4. It's not about who. It's about what the moral of the topic is.
  5. People in this forum exclusively, think that because we have acne that we're all sharing the same personality or something as if we're one in the same. No! The only thing we have in common is acne! So, there is a certain member who is upset with me because of some silly debate about acne and dairy are causes of it. I told her politely before that, Acne is not something that is just triggered by eating. The oil inside of pizza and the oils on your skin are completely different. It's not as if eat
  6. I see Jersey is breeding the Cowards this year. I guess I seen it all now.
  7. whats RC's? pc is computers right? sry im not very good with acronyms... Radio Controlled cars like seen
  8. What I meant was, get "girl friends" first, and see what kind of ones could make a potential girlfriend. That's an easy way- all the boys I've dated were my friends first. I have got a few friends that are girls, but i dont none of them would like for me in that way. You're going to end up in the "F-Zone" and then you'll regret trying to be friends with females first to figure out which one is for you. Do NOT keep female friends if you're intentions are to get with them later.
  9. Ya hes famous so he has no problem with the ladys. He also has lots of money.
  10. hey :)

    are you nigerian?

    1. A woman trying to finance a Lexus ES350 but can't afford Accutane need not to try and finance that lexus.