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  1. Ladies I just bought that new concealer stick, by maybelline. It's called ''pure'' it contains salicylic acid would that be okay to use while on accutane. I just need a little bit on bigger blemishes, what do you all think?
  2. It's alright for your skin. It burns abit, it looks and feels like a sunburn when your finish. Make sure you moisturize! Its good for getting rid of dead skin. I only got a couple done, I personally wasn't impressed, but everyone's different. You might really benefit from it. Good luck
  3. Water won't get rid of your pimples are anything, but it will definitely help with your skin abit. I drink 8 glasses a day, i'm a very healthy eatter. It's a myth what you eat, nothing gets rid of acne by what you eat. I eat tons of veggies/fruits, and I still get them...so it won't make too much of a difference.
  4. About two months ago I purchased Pro-Active. It didn't work for me, way too harsh for my skin, my skin is so sensitive. I was really dry/itchy from it. I also had an allergic reaction to the BP.
  5. I take two pills at once in the morning. I have a muffin and a glass of milk with them. You're suppose to have fatty food it absorbs better that way. I take them in the morning, so I don't gain weight at night.
  6. I use maybelline everfresh, I LOVE IT...doesn't clog pores/oily free.....full coverage....the price is good.....$9 canadian.....
  7. From the album: Crystal's accutane experience...

    accutane day 18 so how bad is it? be honest.......ppl who have been on accutane....was your condition similar to this? if so...did it improve?
  8. From the album: Crystal's accutane experience...

    day 19 of using accutane
  9. I currently on accutane as well. I'm on my 18th day. So far no bad side effects. Just the common ones, dry skin, redness, itchy skin. My face got a couple new pimples, nothing too bad. My pimples are fading slowly...i'm just curious, how will i know if i'm going to scar or not? are their any signs? what should i be looking for? people who were on accutane, did it leave and red marks or scars afterwords? thanks in advance
  10. congratulations, your skin looks wonderful, can't wait untill I have clear skin like that. It didn't leave you with any acne scars?