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  1. does this sound like it would work? lol, I actually laughed when I read it.....but i won't be laughing if it works!
  2. I had my boyfriend before I started getting acne. When I first met him I was clear. Then after about two years into our relationship thats when I developed acne. He still loves me, thinks I look beautiful still )
  3. It takes me an average 10 minutes to put on make-up, it depends on how bad my skin looks that day. I never redo it, my make-up takes about 5 minutes after I apply it to start looking good, I don't know if that makes sense or not to you girls? hehehe....it like soaks in the skin...its weird
  4. You look great ) congratulations, I hope I get the same results.
  5. where do you buy Aloe Vera? I'm from Canada ont, people in Canada where do you purchase it from? What are the benefits of this product, does it really get rid of red marks?
  6. I've lost weight since being on accutane, like 8lbs.
  7. yeah right! lol your kidding right?
  8. those aren't scars or red marks, there still blemishes that will go away...i have those to, their still active
  9. Can someone tell me whats the difference between: mild, moderate and servre acne? I'm pretty sure I have mild acne. I just have some acne located on my cheeks, it's not packed or anything. I think I might have a couple redmarks. I don't really have cystic acne too much, maybe one every now and then. I don't have blackheads. My forehead, chin and nose are clear. Alittle bit of foundation does the trick. It covers fairly well, but you can still see it, you always can. So whats everyones defini
  10. Has anyone had any luck with red marks going away after being on accutane? Just wondering if anyone has been lucky?
  11. can you buy aloe in the drug store, or is it prescribed?
  12. Crystal_21


    I have marks similar to those on my face, and I often wondered what they were as well.
  13. This is my 22nd day on accutane and my skin pretty much looks the same, all the pimples are still there, some are fading. Lots of dry spots. But overall no big improvement, is this normal to still have a horrible face after being on accutane for 22 days? When do you see results!? I hope soon, I can't wait anymore...... People on accutane, what dosage are you on? and when did you see improvements?
  14. I've never called in due to my skin, always want to. But never have enough nerve
  15. Yeah my family, friends, co-workers, people in general......most of them i see are 90% clear.
  16. They don't sell Neutrogena make-up here in Canada ont. I wear maybelline everfresh make-up. It's pretty good, cover's up pretty good. Oil free, derm tested.....
  17. Amber I just looked at your photos you have gorgeous skin......doesn't even look like you have acne, or even had it.....no evidence! do you have a pic of yourself before using accutane?
  18. thanks a lot everyone for reading my posts, and telling me your opinions i appreciate it. I look forward into hearing from you all, and getting to know you all better.
  19. I signed up for acne.org about three days ago. I posted a little bit so far. But I thought before I posted more i'd introduce myself, just so you all get an idea who I am. My name's Crystal. I live in Canada ont. I'm 21 years old. I am a healthcare aide, take care of elderly, I really like my job, someday soon i'm going to go back to school to become an RN, I really enjoy healthcare, and would like to learn more, so that's what I plan on doing. I have a boyfriend of three years who I love more
  20. I'd be poor for the rest of my life, lol every penny I have, i'd spend for clear skin
  21. I wonder why i'm only on 20/day. Maybe because my acne isn't horrible? I'm a big girl, 6'2...175lbs, so i'm surprised i'm not on a higher dosage......hmmmm.....anyone else on that dosage?
  22. Ladies I just bought a new concealer stick by Maybelline called ''pure'' it contains 2% salicylic acid would it be okay to use a little bit on bigger blemishes, while being on accutane? I don't see why not just need to opinions first thanks a lot.