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  1. people are judgemental eh ;-) the question wasn't even for me! my friend wanted to know ) talk about jumping to conclusions, lol do i honestly look like a smoker? thanks for your help everyone
  2. I was wondering if smoking while on accutane was okay? I didn't hear any differently....... let me know what you all think
  3. some ppl on here don't talk nicely at all..... my doc told me nothing you eat effects your acne, so i was just repeating what was said thats all.......no need for rude comments...
  4. I got accutane through my family doctor.
  5. I finally have an appointment monday with the dermatalogist. I've been trying for 2 months to get in there. Really busy place I guess. I'm nervous, i'm wondering what he's going to say to me. I've never been to one before, so this will be my first time. I'm using accutane, my first month into it. Doing alright, no new ones, just a lot of old marks. This is where I hope the derm will help me out. Getting rid of some of these red marks. Have any of you had success with the dermatalogist? I'm ju
  6. I'm currently on ortho tricyclin it isn't working for my skin. I've also tried Diane 35, Aleese, none of the b/c pills have worked for my skin.
  7. Nothing you eat or drink affects your acne.
  8. I know what your going through believe me! I have red marks as well, there my # 1 problem as well. Whenever I get a pimple it always leaves a mark! I don't touch/pick it, but yet still leaves this red mark. I have so much hyperpigmentation in my one cheek. I don't get it..... lets help each other out...and cure these nasty little marks.
  9. your skin isn't bad enough for accutane. Just continue with what your doing. you have nice skin
  10. Yeah Canada in expensive!!!!! it was a waste... i've been trying to find the perfect foundation for covering cystic acne...no luck yet...i don't think there is one.
  11. I tried it, didn't care for it at all. Doesn't cover well, has that orange tone to it. I have combination skin, it might work for you?
  12. I'm a big maybelline fan. So I decided to try the new pure line out. I bought all three the foundation, concealer and powder. I'm VERY disappointed. I put all three on, did the three steps and my face looked horrible. Didn't even look like I was wearing any. My skin tone was orange. The foundation is alright, it's like a lotion I agree. I found the coverage alright, it's good for red marks and scars. But doesn't cover any cystic acne. The concealer stick I thought was horrble. Didn't cover any
  13. LOVE maybelline everfresh. I've been using it for like 2 years now. Never had a problem yet with it. It's good coverage for the most part. Doesn't cover my cystic acne, but what does? Stays on all day
  14. I'd stay on it for along as recommanded. I'm into my 4th week, and still breaking out like crazy, and nothing has improved yet. My acne was pretty mild when I went on it.
  15. Am: shower using warm water only on the face Glysomed body lotion on affected areas. Maybelline everfresh concealer and foundation 20mg of Accutane Pm: Cetahpil skin cleanser w/warm water glysomed body lotion I have a very simple skin care routine. I don't like using too many products, don't want to aggervate it more. The more I use, the worst off I am.
  16. Glysomed is made with : Silicone and Chamomile, aloe vera, vitamin E. panthenol......any good?? I used it last night, feels nice on my skin
  17. glysomed aloe vera is that stuff any good?
  18. I bought Glysomed Aloe Vera + vitamin E cream....... anyone try this?
  19. Can someone who lives in canada ont, name some brand names of Aloe vera......I'm having a hard time finding them..thanks a lot
  20. For you guys in Canada ont. Have you used and Aloe Vera gel? I went to the store today and couldn't find any. Is it in the skin care asile?
  21. it didn't work for me, made it worse if anything