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  1. I'm almost done my cycle of accutane. I was also scared all those horror stories everyone's been telling me about accutane.

    But i'm happy to say their not true for me. My skin is looking good. I only seem to get pimples now when i'm due for my period. I have some red marks, but nothing extreme, they seem to be fading daily.

    The only thing I dislike about accutane is the dry lips. They were very uncomfortable for me at times, sometimes they even bled, but rather then that I haven't got anything else.

    Into the third month I plurged quit abit, but it all cleared up in a week.

    I have nothing bad to say about accutane, just keep your lips moist!!!!

  2. Dermatologists are highly educated men who know your skin better than you do. What do you think they learn in medical school? All the advice they give and products they prescribe have been carefully researched. If your dermatologist's regime didn't work for you, then maybe you didn't do as he instructed. Dermatologists don't realize that their instructions are not that easy for the average patient to understand. Do not do anything except what your dermatologist recommended. If you did something different from what he told you, then this also could be the cause of your acne.

    Don't trust what nurses say. They are not medical doctors and are not adequately trained to offer advice. Often times they think too highly of themselves and start giving uneducated advice to anyone who is willing to listen. Above all, don't listen to what posters on this message board say. Most, if not all, are not medical doctors.

    Good luck!! And remember, stop touching your face with those dirty paws! That's what my dad says and he's a dermatologist :D . Love ya, dad

    you must have great skin then if your dad's a derm eh?

  3. When I wake up in the morning my skin looks pretty good, it looks well rested.

    At night time, my skin looks blotchy, red and all the imperfections look worse. I'm not sure if its because i'm tired or not. It's strange that my skin looks different, at different hours of the day.

    Anyone else notice this?

    Im kind of the same, My skin feels and looks best (best given the circumstances that is) after a good nights sleep, then by the end of the day more blotchyness seems to occur. Then again my skin dries the most during sleep which is kind of what the accutane is meant to do, so that may be why. I have learnt today from my Doc that I do not need to moisturize my skin all the time which can make my face look red & more blotchy anyway, as it can clog the pores ofcourse which may affect the effectiveness of the RoAcc so that may be why for me, as I tend to moisturize more during the day but not before sleep except for lip balm on the lips ofcourse!



    last night was the first time in awhile I skipped moisturizer, that could be why! I was exhauted when I came home from work, so decided just to cleanse and put on lip balm......and my face looks a lot better today. Maybe I should skip the moisturizer the odd time.

  4. I know people who have nice skin. But your right, no one has perfect skin, theres always a red mark, pimple, blemish somewhere on the skin. No such thing as flawless skin.

    Since i've been having skin problems i've been looking a lot more at people's faces. A lot of the time you feel better about yourself that way. I realize my skin isn't as bad as i thought

  5. When I wake up in the morning my skin looks pretty good, it looks well rested.

    At night time, my skin looks blotchy, red and all the imperfections look worse. I'm not sure if its because i'm tired or not. It's strange that my skin looks different, at different hours of the day.

    Anyone else notice this?

  6. I can totally relate to you. I tend to wear a lot of foundation at times. I won't leave the house without it either. I don't wear too much, but I wear enough that it makes my skin feel like it can't breathe. My goal once i'm done tane is to have an option whether I want to wear make-up or not.

    What you should do is, gradually start taking the make-up off bit by bit. That way it won't be such a ''omg'' when you decide to go completely without it one day.

    I'm noticing that I have to put less on now then when I first started tane.

    My boyfriend thinks I look pretty much the same without make-up on. He said I have a couple imperfections, but who doesn't. He said my marks are what makes me, me! he said I'm beauitful no matter what.

    You should feel the same way, im sure your very pretty. Just have some confidence hun i'm sure your skin will get better soon

  7. I'm almost two months into accutane. I've been having problems with accutane. I'm still getting persistant cystic pimples as well. The red marks that were on my face before tane are still there. They haven't got smaller or anything yet.

    I'm starting to get unbearable side effects like : dry nose (causes it to bleed) really dry lips, so dry that they bleed and peel. Really bad headaches at times.

    I'm waiting for accutane to work? but i'm very disappointed so far.

    I'm on dosage 40......when do you start to see results?

  8. I've been on it for almost two months now. The more I take it, I noticed the side effects are getting worst.

    I have REALLY dry lips, dry throat (always needing water) this week I just started getting nose bleeds, my nose is really sore and dry. I have some cystic pimples that just came in. My skin is starting to peel, some headaches....grrr...it's starting to get uncomfortable

  9. If he is less attracted to you or dumps you for not having perfect skin, he's not someone you want to be with anyway.

    Relationships are about accepting others as they are, flaws and all.

    well said, I couldn't say it better myself

    In the beginning of our relationship, I felt uncomfortable without face make-up on infront of him.

    It's been over three years, now he's seen me many many times w/o make-up on. He thinks I look beautiful no matter what, he said a couple pimples aren't going to make me less attractive.

    He accepts me for me, he loves everything about me, even my pimples and flaws.

    That's why he's the guy i'm going to marry. You have to feel 100% comfortable infront on your boyfriend/husband. If you don't then you shouldn't be with that person.


    He sounds so sweet! I'm happy for ya.. :angel:

    he's wonderful, I couldn't be happier....thanks