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  1. I have stopped drinking milk and found that Almond Milk is the best substitute. I buy the brand Silk original and I like it. I actually stopped the milk because I was having headaches everyday, then I started cutting one thing at a time and when I cut the milk the headaches stopped.
  2. If the redness is something bothering you as it is tome too I suggest you to make Aloe Vera masks. You go to a whole foods store and buy the real leaves, place it in the fridge and every other day or every day if you wish make a mask at night with the filling gel from the inside the leaf. It will help with the inflamation that is the cause of redness, but you only see a difference after a while.
  3. Hi Jason44, I started Accutane (Claravis) 40mg on March 5th, and had to stop on March 30th, so I stayed on it just for 26 days. I had to stop because I had extreme dry eyes due to accutane. It was very uncomfortable, they were red, really dry, swollen,felt like I had sand or eye lashes in them. My eyes started to feel dry around the 10th day and escalated fast. Stopping Accutane was a hard decision for me, as I am 33 years old and have tried everything and nothing worked, but I had to choos