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  1. xD your skin did seem to be worse, but now it's so much better! how did you even do that? I'm not using any medicine of some sort. I haven't seen any dermatologists yet. I've been using several cleansers and toners and moisturisers. None of them seemed to have worked. Are there any tips to preventing acne and healing scars? I keep getting them and I can't seem to find why. :/ School is coming up in about 3 days, so any tips?
  2. Okay. So I'm in high school (14 years old) and yeah. It's a private one, so everyone is rich enough to get facials and expensive products. I'm asian, so I get a lot of pigmentation. I get bullied (talked about) a lot and it's kinda annoying. People saying 'wash your face' and stuff like that. I've been trying so many products, but they don't seem to work much. Any ideas? Please?
  3. Hello! I'm 14 years old. My skin is prone to hyperpigmentation. I have lots of acne on my face, but some on my chest also. Any treatments?
  4. I'm 14 and quite ugly. Probably the ugliest in my school. If you can imagine, I'm going through puberty and it's really hard. You're 21. I don't think that you need to do anything. When you find someone, they wouldn't care how you look like; they care about you. Just think about that.