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  1. My skin was also very sensitive when I started. Very tight, scaly and wrinkled looking, and super sensitive to the moisturiser. Several months in, everything has settled down, my skin is clear, and the moisturiser no longer burns. My advice is to hang in there.
  2. Hi redgal76. Yes, it works for adults. I am 46 and have suffered from Acne since age 11 or so. Very hormonal in nature. I have tried absolutely everything, and the Regimen is the best solution. I have now been doing it for a few months and it has become second nature. I noticed an immediate improvement, and then a slight deterioration about a month in. That was only temporary though, and at this moment, my skin is perhaps the clearest it has ever been. I do not have a single blemish, and it's b
  3. Ouch. this stings.

    I was attracted to this product because it's both non-comodogenic and with SPF 15, but it's not working for me, unfortunately. Not for my 10 year old daughter either. Our eyes water and sting for about half an hour after use, and our skin itches and stings. I still have half the bottle left, but after a few weeks, it's time to give up and try something else.
  4. Works but stings

    Inexpensive and easy to find Works Stings Watery eyes A bit greasy Reasonable price and non-comodogenic, but tends to sting and make my eyes water. Also a bit greasy through the day.
  5. Yay, it works!

    Works, and fast. Easy to find over the counter products Topical, so doesn't muck up your internal flora or hormones. Time-consuming Bleaches clothing and linen. I'm a 46 year old woman and I've struggled with mild to moderate acne since the age of 10. I've tried every topical treatment, scrubbing, exfoliating, Proactiv, the mini-pill, oral antibiotics and oral Isotretinoin. Proactiv worked when I was younger but not now I'm peri-menopausal. Isotretinoin (at about age 31) was horrible - I can't