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  1. Bring a clenser to Taco Bell, they have to let you wash your face at least 2 times in 8 hours!
  2. You are probabally just NATURALLY LOSING HAIR. If b5 causes hair loss you better stop eating because b5 is found in practally everything.
  3. Cetaphil is clinically better they seem to have better potency at reducing acne.
  4. Excercise is known to definately speed up the healing process. I would say by more than 25%, but I would suggest running or cardiovascular aerobics vs. weights.
  5. I always popped my blackheads in the mirror. No Big Deal.
  6. I think the most cost effective solution is Pantothenic Acid. You can get it for approx 20 dollars for a big bottle. Many treatments are way Too expensive.
  7. I have heard good things about Eurecin Skin Moisturizers
  8. Does anyone have some good photos of them as in Before/After Photos while on various acne products? I am trying to research them.
  9. What type of moisturizers does everyone Use? I am looking to switch mine.
  10. I sell B5, It is completely safe in large quantities. If you take it and have no more acne, the dermatologist will be out of a job!
  11. Try some Vitamin B5, It reduces pore size and Oil! Take my word for it, I recommend you research the topic!