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  1. Well, don't know if anyone is following this, but in case any future people of the internet are, like me, looking for answers... here's an update from the dermatologist appointment. He told me to stay on the Bactrim (he claims my face is better than last time; maybe I just can't tell because I see it every day). He also prescribed a birth control pill, Tri-Previfem (aka Tri-Sprintec). The reason I haven't done the birth control before is because I kept telling him it wasn't hormonal...
  2. Update for anyone curious about Bactrim, or anyone who can offer helpful information: It's now been 5.5 weeks on Bactrim, and I still haven't seen the promised results. About once a week I get really excited because it looks everything is calming down and going away, just leaving marks, but after a day or two the marks get inflamed again, plus new breakouts appear. It's maybe a tiny bit better overall, but it's hard for me to detect the improvement, and my mom (who I hadn't seen since
  3. Thanks for your reply... just curious, how long did you take Bactrim before giving up? And how long were you on Accutane before you saw results? I'm really not thrilled about the idea of Accutane, but if it's guaranteed to work quickly, it might be worth it...
  4. Please help. I've been struggling with mild acne since I was 18 (I'm now almost 21) and it has become moderate-severe in the past year. I was prescribed Ampicillin for the mild acne, and took it for about 5 months. Everything cleared up beautifully and stayed that way for 6 months off medication. Then suddenly the right side of my face started breaking out. I went back on Ampicillin, and it may have worked a little initially but after a few more months my face started breaking out severe