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  1. Id like to share with you guys what has worked for me 100 %. The stuff i have been doing has not let me down for a good 5+ months, ive been clear and happy! yay lol I used to get at least 5 whiteheads, and 2-3 new cysts per week. anyway here's what i have found out that has helped my acne tremendously. 1. Facial steaming - Someone wrote a regimin to put hot / boiling water in a bowl and stick your face over it and put a towel over your head. I believe this makes you sweat and get all the b
  2. To the op: imo....just lose weight, cut your hair i used to have long hair like you and right after i got a haircut..i got hit on by like 8 girls, im not kidding......... get that shit cut...put some gel in it, spike it up lose weight until your face doesnt have a double chin - or basically a chubby look then you will be a pussy magnet also, lose the glasses and get some contacts and the way you dress also determines what others think of you
  3. Im not posting this to be mean or to be an ass....but ive never seen acne like this kid's before.. he was probably philipino..... anyway.....he didnt have much acne on his face..just a bunch of redmarks and stuff....but alof of scarring.... he also had acne on his arms.....but it didnt really look like acne..they looked like huge tumors about...6 inch in length and they protruded from his arms about...3 inches.....basically.....if you had a cysts on ur face...multiply that size by 20 and that
  4. Guys..arent..supposed..to wear..makeup....... or am i falling behind times here? metrosexuals change everything anyway, its fucked up for anyone to say that about you...... but ive seen guys with makeup on and i can almost always tell if they have it on.........i dont get in their face like..holy shit dude are you wearing makeup..i just think it in my head. i agree that if it makes you feel better, continue..... but in my opinion..you should ask really close friends / family to tell you
  5. im on my first week of accutane with no insurance....... the pills range anywhere from 6-12$'s per pill so if you take two a day for 6 months which is what im doing... it could cost you anywhere from 2000 - 3000 dollars plus blood test / doctor visits
  6. i got my rx for accutane today, so after i fax over my blood test and go to the pharmacy, i shall be on the tane bandwagon! clear skin here i come!
  7. honestly your lucky you dont smoke like a pack a day...quit while you can man, im not kidding i smoke a pack a day and i cant go like 20 minutes without a cigarette sometimes.... at work on breaks i usually smoke like 3 cigs in 20 minutes ive tried to quit many times, always end up smoking again usually due to stress that comes from school when i pull all nighters...its the only thing that keeps me sane at 4 am in the morning
  8. Is there a difference? i went to my derm for the first time today and was given an RX for accutane almost immediately.. although my mother wants to pay less as i have no insurance, therefore we are opting for the generic accutane which we were told by the derm is 20% cheaper.. but is generic accutane less effective than roaccutane? i want the best, and what will clear me the best, will i get the same results ?
  9. i dont htink its true, ive had acne since age 13...im now one month away from 20...and i dont see it going away anytmie soon.. i actually just woke up to about 5 new zits, great im going to try accutane starting monday
  10. im 19 now and i all of a sudden broke out in cystic acne which i think is going to leave some scars...im not too happy about that either..... although the only thing to do is to try to better yourself..... i have a derm appointment on monday, and theres no way in fucking hell im leaving his office without an RX for accutane.
  11. im taking 10 grams a day with no problems..heals my marks fast as hell. some people take 20+ grams.. i even read about a guy who took 50 grams a day who cured himself of some ailment
  12. same thing hapend to me....never had cystic acne in my life until i started using BP....... word of advice...stop BP now before it gets anyworse........ i went through a whole month with cysts only on my chin like you described. After i stopped use of BP they went away i hate BP
  13. holy crap type in english, i spent like 5 minutes figuring out what you were trying to say lol.. anyway, good luck
  14. Okay so i finally convinced my parents after 2 days of arguing... now the only part left is when i go to the derm.. Can i just ask for accutane or does he or she have to feel sorry enough for me to give it to me... if thats the case, then i better make up some sad story...which for the most part of my life is true lol. SO, do i have to beg the derm, or can i just ask and get it? my acne was cystic, now its persistant, lots of marks on my face though