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  1. Angelic Harmony


    Hi hun. You have to remember that you're your worst critic -- the way you see yourself is most likely worse than how other people see you. I think you should just go for it; as hard as it sounds, you should take the bull by the horns and just ask her. I, for one, appreciate people being upfront with me, so to ask "hey, would you like to go out and see a movie with me on saturday?" is fine. If you need to start talking to her more in order to become more comfortable, then do that first. What's
  2. Angelic Harmony


    Here's some pics of me.
  3. Angelic Harmony

    ~*Hair Survey*~

    1. Sex/Age. Female/16 2. What color is your hair? Blonde (naturally) 3. Short/Med/Long? I'd say medium. 4. What type of hair style do you have at the moment? I just got my hair cut a few days ago -- it's really cute! It's layered at the bottom, and I have side bangs. 5. What shampoo/conditoner/special treatments do you use? I use Herbal Essences fruit fusions shampoo/conditioner, as well as Garnier Fructis anti-frizz sleek and shine serum. 6. What products do you use in your hair? Ver
  4. Angelic Harmony

    please rate my acne

    Haha, I wasn't bossing him around. It's merely a suggestion. TRUST ME, I'd be the last one to suggest a guy to do something that's often attributed to metrosexual/gay men. I'm not into that look at all. But, in this case, plucking out the strays (but keeping everything else) would really improve his look. It shouldn't LOOK like he plucked it, but rather, look tamed.
  5. Angelic Harmony

    please rate my acne

    That's VERY mild -- I wouldn't even call it acne. My skin is pretty much the same way. (: One thing I'd suggest to improve your look is to tame your eyebrows a bit. You're cute, though.
  6. Angelic Harmony

    Rate her acne?

    That's very mild. I'd recommend she use something more mild that doesn't cause dryness/redness. Heck, I bet some natural tea tree soap would clear it right up.
  7. Angelic Harmony

    My acne experience, cure & humble advice. :D

    Very insightful post. Firstly, I'd like to point out that I don't have severe acne...actually, I don't have much of acne at all (especially now because I've found products that work for me). Anywho, the main reason I still come on here is to share my success story. So, I think it's great that you, too, have come back to give helpful advice to those that really need to hear it. I'm sincerely overjoyed that you're clear now...I can't imagine what people with severe acne go through. Having mild
  8. Angelic Harmony

    ACNFREE product, ive been using it (PICTURES)

    Awesome results! I'm so happy for you! (: I'm using it as well (just at night time, and then an all natural tea tree soap in the mornings). I'm basically completely clear. <3 The only downside to this system for me is that the cleanser really stinks (as in it smells bad), and I'm running out of step 3 before anything else. I actually ended up getting half-used bottles for free from someone else, and that's how I first tried it. I'm definitely going to get some more.
  9. Angelic Harmony

    acne help [pictures included]

    If I were you, I'd try AcneFree (which is basically a cheaper Walmart brand knock-off of ProActiv). I've been using it for about a month, and I've had great results. The reason I don't recommend using the CSR is because of a bad personal experience (extremely dry, flaky, and red skin).
  10. Angelic Harmony


    Dear no. Your skin looks great, so take full advantage of that.
  11. Angelic Harmony

    My face (pictures) vs what I want (pictures)

    Your skin looks great...you really shouldn't worry about it. Oh well, the harshest critic is usually yourself.
  12. Angelic Harmony

    My Vitamin B5 Trial

    Your skin seems to be improving! I hope all goes well for you, using B5. I considered using it a while ago, but I found something else that worked for me. (Your display pic is very attractive. )
  13. Angelic Harmony

    A new light for many of us!

    I definitely agree with the minimalist approach here, but I'm not sure about using just water. It's just a horrible repeating cycle with people using harsh chemical products. I tried BP, and it left my face very red and the driest it's ever been (my skin is quite normal, usually; not particularily dry or oily). Anyway, I started using an all natural tea tree homemade soap a few weeks ago (I made a thread about it). It's working wonders for me!! It's amazing what a gentle, natural bar of soap c
  14. Angelic Harmony

    I'M CLEAR!

    I just went to the website, and the description says: Availability: PLEASE DO NOT ORDER!Sorry this soap is on the drying rack and will be available soon; it is unavailable for ordering at this time please come back or continue shopping." When you ordered, do you remember the "Availability" saying that? (I'm really happy you guys are taking my suggestion! I truly hope it works for you. Make sure you keep me updated, lol). I'm sure it will be available within a week or two...it would be worth th
  15. Angelic Harmony

    I'M CLEAR!

    KnowShow ~ I totally agree. I wanted to help get other people clear because acne can do a number on your self-esteem. I'm glad to hear you're (pretty much) clear -- good for you! Thanks for the reply. kellybeth ~ Really? That's awesome. It makes me so happy to hear that you're trying it out! Please let me know how things go. !!